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In the year 1984, I came to the Western World for the first time. This opportunity came through a group of very highly talented young engineers. I was invited to Europian Unity Conference in London. Robert Hitching was the key person to invite me. At that time it was discovered that I have high Sugar level (Diabetes), therefore, I have to be careful to keep control on Sugar intake. Since then I have been taking chemical medicine to control my Sugar level. It is almost 27 years( 1984- 2011) that I have been the patient of Diabetes. In between I also suffered from Ictus in the year 2003 when I was in Italy. I was told by the Docters that my brain was affected and my whole left hand side of the total body was totally Paralytic. 

In the year 1984, I initiated the Group Center for Study& Research on Alternative Medicine (CSRAM). Ayurveda has been my favorite subject being family tradition for three generations. So, I have been searching an alternative way for curing my Diabetes. In this search I have been to California few times. I became a good friend of Dr.Len Supoto MD. Dr. Len has done pioneer work in the field of Alternative Medicines.It was the  Founder & Chancellor of Intution Medicine University, California, who has first introduced me to Dr. Len Supoto.

I tried many Ayurvedic, Yoga, Pranayama and other healing methods to cure my Diabetic-Syndromes, but only partial cure had been possible. Then I return to Hydrotherapy. And finally to Dr. Luis Khune, the Father of Hydropathy. Dr. Khune had prescribed four methods of healing all sorts of diseases what so ever including Cancer. These are Steam Baths, full and local, Sun baths, full body and local, Hipbaths and Sitz Baths. The only precaution to be very strictly observed is light and very natural vegetarian diet. In other words four basic elements that governs human body are Air, Water, Sun and Earth, have been suficient medical aids.

When I came back from the U.S. last August, my physical condition was not very good. My eye-sight was going down and Eye-Speslist recommended Eye Operation. For this purpose he recommended three medical certificates. One was Sugar Test, second was my ECG and third was Normal Blood Pressure. All the three tests were not normal and varied from one doctor to another. I got puzzled. I finally decided to forego allopathic treatment and turn to complete Hydropathy. No one was agreeing to my this strange experiment of Hydropathy by Louis Khune Method.

On 2nd of March 2012, I started this experiment. I came down to zero medicine. It was after 27 years that I had been constantly taking chemical-medicines to keep my Sugar under control, which I could never do permanently. I was rather going down from bad to worse medically. The first reaction I got was the begining of very strong,- needle like shootings from inside the body all over, and then it started concentrating around the waist. But the Diabetic- Syndroms were slowly disappearing. I started feeling better slowly and gradually. These symptoms are still there but my energy from within have been increasing upward and I have been feeling normal. My apetite has been increasing and my stamina has been getting better and better. My people have been wandering.

 At the end of my unique experiment I can say that my Diabetic-Syndrom have all most gone and I am taking my normal diet. My long term 27 years chemical- intake is slowly being discharged from the body in the form of shootong Arrows from within.  


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Comment by Gerry Feltham on May 7, 2012 at 16:44

Hi A.B., my very dear friend,

Yuvadee and I have read with special interest your 4 April/12 message.  Although we have known somewhat about your struggle with diabetes, we were not aware of all the methods with  which you have experimented over the past several years.  It troubles us to learn that you have suffered so very much with that delabating disease but we are particularly happy to learn that you appear to have now found a treatment that appears to be helping you. Try to keep us updated with your progress. We have many friends and relatives who have troublesome diabetes...they will welcome knowing more about the Hydropathy Method, especially if available in this province, Newfoundland and Labrador.


Our affectionate regards to you, Rannie, and family.

Gerard (Gerry) and Yuvadee

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