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AN HOUR WITH MAHATMA is an initiative to rediscover , redefine Mahatma Gandhi and his relevance in our times. It is an INTERACTIVE BIOGRAPHY ,constructed in a multimedia presentation for children from around 11 yrs to 20 yrs, even adults.
As we roll the pictures and the AV ,Gandhi's life philosophy is narrated by kids themselves through his life sketch.
This is a part of larger PARIVARTAN FORUM working in kanpur to reawaken the responsibility of citizens towards the city. Gandhi camr to our rescue and children are definitely able to relate the need to rise above oneself and work to change for the better life of all

Gandhi's the humanist and the experimenter with truth appeals to young minds.
Though their minds do have a few questions (essentially out of misinformation) but a discussion on these issues makes them think and i hope encourages them to read more.
Gandhi did address the issues facing the country and partly answered them too.
His solutions may not be the best fit but no one can deny that he knew the pulse of this pluralist country. His insistence on benefit for all and not the 'maximum ' probably was the right approach .The conflicts which face usnow may have some answers with Gandhi..
All it needs is re interpretation. Possibly some young mind may reinvent.

25 sessions in a month.. He still is the star. Children are liking him ,talking about him ,especially in public schools where material rush seems to have pervaded.
The hope is alive inspite of discovering an extremely poorly informed and unexposed student group in a Govt. supported school.

we are on to it......

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