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About 2 crores poor shelterless families will get home and land


Government readies Bill to provide roofs to homeless

About 2 crores poor shelterless families will get home and land

 The draft of the National Right to Homestead Bill, 2013, prepared by the Rural Development ministry, is almost ready for inter-ministerial consultation. 

According to the government, the poorest and most vulnerable among the rural families are those who are landless and shelter less and millions of rural household have no house of their own.

Through its various judgments, the Supreme Court has also said that the issue of a roof over one's head needs to be seen as a basic human right, and a fundamental right that guarantees dignity to an individual.

The government hopes that a homestead of 10 cents area provided to a poor shelter less family shall help in enabling the family build a shelter and take up supplementary livelihood activities such as backyard poultry, goat-rearing, horticulture and vegetable cultivation.

It also feels that a law to guarantee minimum space to build the house and carryout supplementary livelihood activities is imperative and such a law also is in pursuance of the constitutional mandate to endeavour to eliminate inequalities in status.


Courtesy: Business Standard, dt. 15.03.2013

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