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Twice in 2009, Pune city welcomed Gandhian constructive workers from all over India.

In January, two thousand Gandhian followers working in different parts of the country attended the national conference where one of the visiting guests was the Dalai Lama. It was heartening for us, the small band of Pune Gandhian workers to meet and interact with so many of our brothers and sisters doing similar work elsewhere. We felt united with them by an invisible bond.

The January conference was a colourful display of both veteran and young Gandhians dressed in khadi, carrying the humble jhula, singing revolutionary songs in numerous languages and sharing meals at the common table. Posters and literature on social themes were displayed all over and the local hospitality was sponsored by the city’s Congress party.

Again in the month of November, over two hundred Gandhian constructive women workers from all over Maharashtra met in Pune city to discuss and launch a total literacy campaign for all women in the country. Dr. Narendra Jadhav the member of the Planning commission was one of the chief guests; a plan of action and recommendations were put forward to him. During the meals and cultural breaks, we had the opportunity to meet many simple and hardworking Gandhian women from the rural districts. We discussed and shared our common experiences with them. Together we renewed our vows to keep up the struggle for a just and egalitarian society.

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