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A Special Postal Cover to Commemorate Gandhiji's Only Visit to Udupi released on 25-02-2019

A special cover on Mahatma Gandhi was released on February 25, 2019 by the Karnataka Circle of India Post to commemorate the 85 years of his only visit to Udupi on February 25, 1934 as a part of his Harijan Tour. Gandhiji had addressed a public meeting at Ajjarkad on February 25, 1934, and spoken about the uplift of the downtrodden, eradication of untouchability, temple entry, freedom and the Swadeshi andolan. During his…


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Gandhiji's Greatest Message to Udupi on 25-02-1934

“Stand up for the truth at any cost.”

On 25th February 1934, while Mahatma Gandhiji was about to leave Udupi, the volunteers of Udupi wanted ‘one word’ from Gandhi, and for which he said: “Stand up for the truth at any cost.” In actual terms it is remembered that this 'one liner' became a…


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Gandhiji's Visit to Udupi Remembered after 85 Years

Gandhiji in Udupi

85 years to Mahatma Gandhi's only visit to Udupi 

[Mahatma Gandhi's Visit to Udupi on 25th February, 1934]

     Gandhiji had…


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85 Years to Gandhiji's Last Visit to South Canara or Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka

Gandhi toured across the erstwhile South Canara from 24th to 27th February 1934 as part of his Harijan Tour. South Canara then comprised of the present day Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts of Karnataka. Here are a few excerpts from the research and …


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Epitome of Gandhian Teachings : Part I

The selections from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi (in his own words)  :-   

     1)  Religions have been interwoven. One sees a special quality in every one of them. But no one religion is higher than another. All are complimentary to one another .Since this is my belief, the speciality of any one religion cannot run counter to another, cannot be at variance with universally accepted principles. – [Harijanbandhu, March 19, 1933.]

      2)   For I…


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Mahatma Gandhi and the Early Debates on Euthanasia


 It is interesting to note that the issue of euthanasia was debated in India in 1928. Probably this was the first public debate on euthanasia to be reported. A Calf in Gandhi’s ashram was ailing under great pain. In spite of every possible treatment and nursing... the condition of the calf was so bad that it could not even change its side or even it could not be lifted about in order to prevent pressure ulcers / sores. It could not even take…


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"Mahatma Gandhiji's first visit to Mangaluru on this day 95 years ago: (19-08-1920)"

As a part of his tour through the Madras Presidency for the cause of Khilafat and Non-Co-operation Movements, Gandhi visited Mangalore by train on 19th August, 1920. He was accompanied by Maulana Shaukath Ali.This was his first visit to South Canara: Kasargod and Mangalore (then South Canara was a part of Madras Presidency. And this was also his fourth visit to Kannada Province (Kannada speaking areas or linguistically…


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A Chronicle and Special Bulletin of Gandhian Study Centre - MGM College, Udupi

The first issue of the chronicle and bulletin "Gandhi Smriti" - A Memorial to the Mahatma was launched today (25-06-2014) as an in-house bulletin / magazine of the Gandhian Study Centre [Department of Gandhian Studies] of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College, Udupi. Principal Prof. Dr. N. Hala Naik released the first issue in a simple function held at the Nutana Ravindra Mantapa of…


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'Tulu Awakening' was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.

Tulu is the mother tongue and the principal language of communication of majority of the people across the Dakshina Kannada district and the Tulu speaking parts of Udupi district in Karnataka, and in the parts of Kasargod district of Kerala. The awakening of Nationalism and the influence of Gandhi inspired the Tulu speaking people to write in their own language. The Gandhian teachings on the importance of regional…


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Gandhiji’s Visits to the erstwhile South Kanara - 3

Harijan Tour (1934)
[This was Gandhiji’s third and the last visit to Mangalore. And was the first and the last visit to Sullia, Puttur, Bantwal, Mulki, Udupi and Kundapur]
        Gandhi set out on a nine month long ‘Harijan Tour’ in the year 1933-34, to promote the cause of the untouchables. He covered more than 12500 miles, and connected with the people of the…

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Gandhiji’s Visits to the erstwhile South Kanara - 2 (Second Visit: 1927)

Mahatma Gandhi’s Second Visit (1927) : “Khadi Prachar Tour”
      Gandhiji visited Mangalore for the second time by train as a part of his Kadhi Prachar Tour. He addressed a public gathering in Mangalore on October 26, 1927. During his visit in 1927, Gandhi unveiled a portrait of Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak in the Bhuvanendra hall of Canara School, Mangalore. In his public speech he stressed upon the importance of charaka and…

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Gandhiji’s Visits to Mangalore - 1


1. Gandhiji’s First Visit to Mangalore (1920) : “Khilafat Tour”

     In 1920 Mahatma Gandhi launched the Non-co-operation Movement, which called for an end to all forms of cooperation with the British authorities and called upon the people to come out of all the Government establishments and boycott the foreign goods. He called upon the people to implement it gradually with the establishment…


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Mahatma Gandhi Memorial In Udupi

The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College, Udupi, Karnataka, India, was established in 1949. As a result of the keen desire among the general public of Udupi and its leading citizens. It was decided to name the college after Mahatma Gandhi and "to do whatever possible in the college to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi."

From the very beginning the college gave priority to develop a special section for…


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