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The Time has changed

It was 2nd of October. 

The building was dedicated to the nation

and named after Gandhi ji


M.G. Institute for Peace. 

Next year, 

there were elections 

and the venue was  captured 

and badly sabotaged

by fire brand volunteers.

Now it is known as 

M.G. Institute in piece.

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The Divine & sacred words : RAM and ALLAH

One of the favourite prayers of Bapu has been " Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram Patit pawan Sita Ram.  Eeshwar Allah Tere Naam, Sabko sanmati de Bhagwan." 

From this divine prayer, I would like to stress on two sacred words "Ram" and "Allah" which, in true sense, are no simple words but are the eternal source of positive energy. 

Many interpretions have…


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We are fortunate

We are fortunate

that only the smoke has touched our homes,

not the fire.

We are fortunate

that only the bad news are making us scared 

not the aggressions.

We are fortunate

that the springs of compassion have not yet fully dried



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If Hope is alive, 

there is nothing to worry

in our life.


Horrible are those moments

when we are badly surrounded by

the deep darkness of distress. 

Our mind makes attempt after attempt

to come out of the agony,

but there seems to be no end of the tunnel,

we are in.


We lose our heart

and begin to cry

like a hapless child.


Yes, miraculously,

right at that…


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Condolence Message

This condolence message

has been written in deep agony

sitting close to the bodies of the

murdered human sentiments.

May it not be read by those 

who, after announcing a nominal compensation

for each death

forget all about the…


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