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Pakistan's First National Anthem by Jagannath Azad, in Hindi (Devanagari) version

Pakistan's founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah, quite significantly, commissioned a Hindu to write the new nation's song. Jagan Nath 'Azad', contacted on August 9th, created a national anthem in record time for it to be broadcast on Radio Pakistan, Lahore, on Aug 14th, 1947, the day of Pakistan's birth. But within months of Jinnah's death in 1948, this anthem was discontinued leaving Pakistan without an anthem for years. The need for playing anthems for the visit of the Shah of Iran in 1950 led to…

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Home addresses of Members of Parliament India (Anna Hazare Calls For Dharna Outside Homes of MPs)

Anna Hazare this morning reminded all citizens of India that they are the masters and must constantly watch over and direct their servants - notably the member of parliament they sent to the Lok Sabha. Team Anna has called upon people accross India to stage dharnas (sit-ins) outside the homes of their own MP and make him/her directly and personally answerable to his constituency, beginning with his/her public stand on the Jan Lokpal Bill.


To ask your MP to explain what…


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Some Jantars* and Mantars for the Anna Hazare movement

Congress spokesman Manish Tewari suddenly labelling the "immensely respected" Anna Hazare as a "maverick" & "RSS agent" is definitely a sign of cold feet. Even in the 1970s, it was this party's (Indira Gandhi's) knee-jerk Emergency rule that revived the dying RSS, jailing activists and making heroes out of spent leaders like Advani & Vajpeyi.
As in Tahrir square, a corrupt régime's secret hope (or strategy) would be that participants would commit violence (as…

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Nationwide March Against Corruption in India on January 30th, Ahimsa Day

It turns out that "Tees Janvari", January 30th -  the day Mahatma Gandhi knowingly embraced death for his highest principle, Ahimsa (non-violence) - does have special significance for people in India. More indeed than October 2nd, the official holiday, which can commemorate little more than one mother's effort of delivering a baby boy, Mohanna, in Porbandar. As his philosopher grandson Ramu Gandhi once reminded me at his usual haunt in Delhi, "there is no merit in getting born, or getting a…


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Towards A Non-Violent Modernity/ अहिंसक आधुनिकता की ओर

Purushottam Agrawal's Ahimsa Day Lecture Jan 2010 at IP College, Delhi

Ahinsak Aadhuniktaa Ki…


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"Good To Eat: Gandhi And The Ethics Of Food", by Amita Baviskar

[Transcription of Ahimsa Day Lecture, 2010]

Thank you Babli and Akshay, I'm honoured to speak here on this day, in memory of Mahatma Gandhi. I’m not a scholar of philosophy or history so I can't claim to be able to discuss Gandhi’s ideas from those perspectives. But what I do know a little bit is the issue of India’s environment and development and the cultural politics around these questions in our country.

And I’ve been more recently trying to address these issues of… Continue

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"Gandhi's Final Fast", by Dilip Simeon

[Transcription of Ahimsa Day Lecture 2010].

Recently I was asked to write a couple of lectures for students, undergraduates - on the significance of Gandhi, and on communalism. When I began writing the lectures, which were supposed to be written very simply, I realized that I was not being true to the task of trying to bring across something important about that great man to the younger generation, many of whom may have forgotten. And then I decided…

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Ahimsa Day Lectures-II

Indraprastha College 85th Anniversary Events

Friday 29th Jan 2010, 11a.m - 1 p.m

IP College Auditorium

31 Shamnath Marg, Delhi - 110054

Metro: “Civil Lines”


11a.m - 12.30pm

Principal Babli Moitra Saraf will preside

* Purushottam Agrawal, writer, critic

‘एक अहिंसक आधुनिकता की ओर’

Towards A Non-Violent Modernity

* Amita Baviskar, sociologist

‘Good To… Continue

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A "Lamp Of Hope At The Doorstep" - 'Dehleez Pe Chiragh' - on 30th January evening

A new proposal calls upon people worldwide to express their faith in Non-Violence (Ahimsa or Adam-e-Tashaddud) with a simple act - lighting a lamp at their door or window on the evening of the Mahatma's assassination.

"The light has gone out of our lives, and there is darkness everywhere." said Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, in his evening address to the nation after Hindu fanatic Nathuram Godse assassinated Mahatma Gandhi on the lawns of Birla House (now 'Gandhi… Continue

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