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A Struggling Woman And Exploitation

A Struggling Woman And Exploitation
She has now fully realized what the eternal truth of life is.
by Kamala B. Sarup
 Published on,,
Five years had gone by when my friend Binita left her parents' home. It's not an ordinary event that she was coming back to her home after five years, but yet she hasn't felt any pride in her return home, she had no…

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Poems Will Remain United (Woman Power)

Poems Will Remain United (Woman Power)


"Kamala, who is knocking at the door?" my aunt asked.  I was then in Jhapa, Nepal during the last of May. She began to drink water from the pot and took a long breath. "How can I know who is at the door?" I said.

I was cooking rice. I found no time to see that the wood was not burning because it was too wet. "Perhaps they are maternal uncle and cousin, who want to stay here for the night," she said as she stepped down the stair carrying…


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Happy Birthday To Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Birthday To Mahatma Gandhi

By Kamala B. Sarup
 I believe that if we know what we are doing and where we are heading, our destination becomes closer for love, forgiveness, kindness.

I remember one night in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. It was dark, and my friend Hem was sitting next to me. There was nothing to disturb us. We talked about a never-setting star in an open, carefree and natural environment. We chatted about the heart, the…


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Have you ever made your parents a Valentine?

Have you ever made your parents a Valentine?
Kathmandu, Nepal, — Valentine's Day is coming. Have you ever made your parents a Valentine? It is beautiful if you make them a Valentine. I want my parents to be my Valentine. I have learned from my parents, "Love brings only

love." Love means to unite the minds, a matter which is wider than the sky and

as attractive as the flower. I remember a morning when we smiled, keeping hand

in hand.


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Mahatma Gandhi's and mine appear

Kathmandu, Nepal, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in the town of Porbander in the state of present-day Gujarat on October 2, 1869. Gandhi believed that the edifice of lasting peace could on be erected upon the foundation of love, compassion, tolerance, coexistence and nonviolence.

I would like to show my love and respect to Gandhi through a poem I wrote for him:

"Mahatma Gandhi's and mine appear"

The sound of loneliness

The sound of more loneliness… Continue

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Violence against women

Kathmandu, Nepal, — This is a true story. Recently, my friend Chandrakala was brutally gang-raped in Biratnagar, Nepal. After she was raped, she sent me a letter about how Nepal’s bad political situation, war and bad leadership has allowed for women to be raped. Biratnagar’s political and security situation is bad. It's bad in Kathmandu too. It is especially bad news for women's safety. In fact, society’s outlook towards raped women in Nepal is not good.

Political activities go on in… Continue

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Peace And Women

I present an award to a local woman in Nepal, May 2008, as my friend Suchitra and other women look on

Kathmandu, Nepal, — Literacy means the ability to read and write and is a key to the development of women in Nepal. For the many illiterate women in Nepal, the mere ability to read and write is a big step towards doing well in life and society. Thus, my interest to contribute towards increasing literacy in women. I was eager to write about my… Continue

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Meeting Mother Teresa

Meeting Mother Teresa

Kathmandu, Nepal, I was 14 when I met Mother Teresa. She had a sentimental heart and appeared like a real mother. When I visited her, she came close to me and said in an endearing tone, "God gives you happiness." I felt special and happy. I was honored.

She was in total peace with herself and walked to the window, "You are always engrossed in love, in life! That is more important than wants, struggles and thought."

I slowly look at her and… Continue

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Trafficking and HIV/AIDS

I organized a program on HIV/AIDS and Trafficking in Dhulikhel, Nepal April 21, 2008. : I organized a program on HIV/AIDS and Trafficking in Dhulikhel, Nepal April 21, 2008. Picture was taken after the program ended.

Kathmandu, Nepal, — I wrote this diary about my friend, who used to work in a brothel. My first meeting with her began a strange day for me. In a way, everyday I have been meeting one person or another and, whatever it may be, among those I’m meeting, she is a bit different… Continue

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India's Independence Day

Kathmandu, Nepal, — India celebrated its Independence Day on Aug. 15 by flying the national flag and with parades. India gained freedom from British rule in 1947. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said last year, "All countries in our region must recognize that terrorism anywhere is a threat to peace and prosperity everywhere. It must be confronted with our united efforts. There is a large constituency for peace and shared prosperity among our people and we must work together to build on… Continue

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Pain of losing a friend

Kamala Sarup, Kathmandu, Nepal : There is no security and no rights for Nepali women. These days, there is no security for women even in their homes, workplaces and public places. My eyes were full of tears.

I arranged my hair, and I looked at myself in front of the mirror. I lit the stove and boiled tea in a kettle. My heart began to boil like the tea in the pot. My women's rights activist friend Rupa and I had been good friends in school, when she was in 9th grade and I was in 10th… Continue

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Mother Teresa touched my hand

When Mother Teresa touched my hand

Kathmandu, Nepal, — "Kamala! We must make able ourselves to survive for peace, for God," Mother Teresa repeated in our first meeting. This statement makes me think about the real definition of life. Whatever it may be, I learned a lot about life due to our meeting. I got a chance to think about life. I must thank her for this. One should firmly determine about one's life. Unless we are independent, we can't accept life in meaningful way. It is true… Continue

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My meeting with Parijat

My meeting with Parijat

Kathmandu, Nepal, — The popular Nepali woman writer Bishnu Kumari Waiba, known as Parijat, died in 1993. When I met Parijat, I was a 12 years old. Parijat created a sense of love, a sense of relationship and a sense of humanism. She loved her poems very much, and could tolerate any pain.

Parijat told me seriously, “Kamala, sometimes I get pain in my heart. So I write.” I couldn’t keep from smiling. These words made me smile. Her soft voice could be… Continue

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Woman of principle proves strength of character

Kathmandu, Nepal, — Sister Shanti died last night due to chronic high blood pressure. The news made me sad. She was not meant to leave us so soon. She passed away when starting to enjoy life. Maybe, fate did not grant her, her share of happiness.

I did not see much of the ups and downs in her life. By the time I came to know her, her life was much more settled. But when my mother had to give an example of an ideal woman, she would refer to Sister Shanti. What I have gathered about… Continue

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My philosophy of poetry and art

Dance and poetry are committed to reviving old values and constructing new ones in accordance with the changing times. I like to present new things. To achieve my goal, I have developed my own philosophy in writing and dancing, through which I explore and, hopefully, offer some meaning and relevance.

This philosophy, for me, means to fully observe life and the world through literature, arts, and dance to explore peace, love, happiness, and pleasure. And finally, to explore oneself to… Continue

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Honoring Rabindranath Tagore

I was Walking the streets with Bengali poets in Dhaka, paying tribute to Rabindranath Tagore.

Kathmandu, Nepal, — I saw a movie by Satyajit Ray named “Charulata” (“The Lonely Wife”) written by Rabindranath Tagore. I was very much impressed with this popular movie. It stayed on my mind. In Kathmandu, it is not easy to have an environment to freely talk about movies or poetry. My grandfather, who is always concentrated on the local newspaper, will call… Continue

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Bollywood actor Dev Anand shows love for Nepal

"Bollywood actor Dev Anand has made great contributions to strengthen the relations existing at the people-to-people level by making some very popular films in Nepal. His films helped introduce Nepal's image in India. For the last four decades, Dev Anand's passion to visit Nepal has continued. Even at this stage, he came to Nepal to unveil his autobiography, ‘Romancing With Life.’

Although he is 85, Dev Anand still has the same charisma, and his smile still has the same power to… Continue

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Meeting with poet Amrita Pritam

Meeting with poet Amrita Pritam

Kathmandu, Nepal, When I first met Amrita Pritam, the first prominent Punjabi woman poet (1919-2005), it was July and I was living in Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

When I called her at home, her husband Imroz picked up the phone, and I made an appointment to see her. I am a great fan of her writing. Her stories touch my heart. "Rasidi Ticket" and "Ik Thi Anita" are two of her writings that brought tears to my eyes. On the day of our appointment, I… Continue

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Praying for love and peace

Praying for love and peace

Humanity remains somewhere in the books in Kathmandu. Why is this life so scary without any dreams of peace and love? Why is my mind not able to enjoy the sight of mountains and waterfalls? To tell the truth, I am trying to escape the unstable political situation and bad leadership in Nepal. I do not like horror. I do not like violence. I do not like the killings, corruption, and hatred. My mind gets shattered by violence.

It happened a few days… Continue

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Peace In Mumbai

Kamala Sarup

Kathmandu, Nepal : The situation in Mumbai depresses me. I simply cannot understand how

terrorists and their crack ideas work. I have no words to express great sorrow for those killed in the Mumbai attacks.

The terrorists caused a lot of damage and destruction. But, the resilience of the Indian people has helped them to preserve their identity. An ancient culture, with a long and glorious history of art and music, history and politics, will not easily melt with… Continue

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