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Pune looses another veteran Gandhian – Dr. Mukund Ghare

A pioneer in watershed management in the state, Dr Mukund Ghare, passed away on Jan 12, 2012 at Sancheti Hospital in Pune due to spinal cord injury. He was 78 years old and is survived by daughter Sudeshna and son-in-law Ashutosh Parmar.

Ghare was known for his holistic approach and contribution towards water conservation in India. His academic scholarship as a master hydro-geologist, coupled with his strongly grounded experience of working in the rural development sector for three…


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Anna Hazare-a Gandhian worth meeting

We had read much about the constructive work that Anna Hazare was doing in Ralegan Siddhi and had never thought it necessary to visit his village over the years. We sometimes got a glimpse of this short, lean, dark man with an ever cheerful face, during the last two decades when he was in and out of our city.   He was then pushing for the Right to Information which has today become our best tool for social activism.  I saw him on two short fasts, once  in front of Pune’s collector office,…


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Forwarded here An Appeal to all Indians from IAC

O My dear friend,

It is more than evident that our Government and all the political parties are unwilling to enact a strong law against corruption. Because if they did so, many of them would face imprisonment. There is a serious conflict of interest. None of the large scams like the Adarsh Housing scam, the Commonwealth Games scam, the Reddy brothers scam, Fodder scam, Health mission scam of UP, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha scam, Cash for vote scam are covered by government.s Lokpal. What…


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Japanese lady warkari joins Pune palkhi again

Sixty-year-old Yuriko Ikenoya is a Japanese and a warkari for over 30 years now.

The devoted 'Vitthal bhakt' just completed translation of Dnyaneshwari (a commentary on Bhagwad Gita by Sant Dnyaneshwar) into the Japanese language. Besides, she is a permanent member of the Acharya Vinoba Bhave Ashram in Wardha and has translated Bhave's 'Geetai Pravachan' into Japanese. The book has already sold 1,000 copies and the second edition is awaited.

Ikenoya, who has a master's… Continue

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Dear Garvin

I am happy to learn from you about your visits to India and the Gandhian work you do. The URI meeting was held last year, You may write to the leaders listed here below to get a report of the meeting and the follow-up:,,,,

Regarding you request for a selfless person doing educational work for the underpriviledged, I will have to search. Most… Continue

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Last evening in Pune was historic!


The imposing ramparts of Shaniwar Wada witnessed an electrifying moment in its history as more than 15,000 Puneites came out in support of Anna on Friday evening. The candle light march which was more than two kilometers long, begun from Bal Gandharva culminated at Shaniwar Wada. With candlelights in their hands and cries of people’s triumph on their lips, the young and the old, the feeble and the differently challenged all… Continue

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Report of the National Colloquium on “Indian Pluralism and Solidarity for a Just Humanity”, Pune, January 2011

1. Introduction

We, 95 participants comprising religious leaders, social activists, and people belonging to different ideologies and faith traditions of our land gathered at Ishvani Kendra, Pune, 06-08 January 2011 to reflect on the theme “Indian Pluralism and Solidarity for a Just Humanity”.

We wish to share with our fellow citizens some fruits of our deliberations and invite all to take peace initiatives among our peoples increasingly affected these days by acts of violence,… Continue

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Surendra Mohan, former Chairman of Khadi and Village Industries Corporation passes away

Forwarded message ----------

From: Madhuresh Kumar

National Alliance of People's Movements

Surendra Mohan - End of A Socialist Era

1929 - 2010

Surendra Mohan Ji breathed his last today morning. Even as we are trying to deal with the loss of some of his contemporaries - Prabhash Joshi Ji, L C Jain Saheb and Shanta Toofani (Mata ji), the year 2010 has dealt another blow to our collective struggles for a…


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Rural and urban India meet on the streets of Pune city!

Thousands of poor, farmers walked across Pune city this week on their annual pilgrimage to Pandharpur. They chanted, danced and sang all along the way. Pune residents, as done by…


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Green India Mission in Pune

Environment minister Jayram Ramesh held a consultation over the Green Mission of India on Saturday morning, June 19, 2010 at Moulana Azad Memorial in Koregaon Park, Pune. NGOs, green activists, government officials, industrialists and concerned citizens were present. Citizens gave their suggestions to the Minister and he in turn made recommendations to the local government-the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Members of Youth to Youth, a youth organisation told Mirror that the Green… Continue

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Spiritual and Holistic Healers meet in Pune

A pioneering group called NADA- New Age Doctors’ and Healers’ Association, met for a two day Continued Medico-Spiritual Education conference( CMSE) at Pune on the last week-end of May 2010. There were fifty spiritual and holistic healers practicing all kinds of complementary medicines like nature cure, ayurveda, homeopathy, theosophical teaching,Hypnosis,…


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Longest fast in Indian history-Irom Sharmila’s protest completes ten years!

Can you imagine a person being on a hunger strike for ten years while the the rest of the world goes about its business. Yes, that is what has happened for the last one decade as Sharmila continues to lay on a hospital bed; forced fed by the Indian state and protected by police security while doing so. We all forgot over the years. Until yesterday afternoon when, a group of passionate peace marchers from Kerala who were on their way from Cherthala to Imphal, to raise people’s consciousness…


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100 years of women's day

100 years of women’s day and for 25 years I have been marching Pune's streets

…yet every maid who has worked for me, still gets beaten up by her drunk husband!

Meerut … a woman cop beat up…


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Pune's lovely Gandhian women caught on camera

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2009 Pune City highlights

Twice in 2009, Pune city welcomed Gandhian constructive workers from all over India.

In January, two thousand Gandhian followers working in different parts of the country attended the national conference where one of the visiting guests was the Dalai Lama. It was heartening for us, the small band of Pune Gandhian workers to meet and interact with so many of our brothers and sisters doing similar work elsewhere. We felt united with them by an invisible bond.

The January… Continue

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Mother Teresa's thoughts to inspire and celebrate

Mothers Teresa’s Teaching on Love

“We must love those who are nearest to us in our own family. From there, love spreads towards whoever may need us”.

“Love starts at home and lasts at home…the home is each person’s first field of loving, devotion and service”.

“I think the world is upside down. It is suffering so much because there is so little love in the home and in family life”.

“You cannot give to the outside world what you do not have on the… Continue

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