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News from GandhiMedia

Dear co-member,

Today I have two news items from GandhiMedia you might be interested in:

1) Now the GandhiMedia database has been made available for subscription and purchase. Interested institutions and individuals can purchase an annual subscription or get perpetual access to the database through subscription agents in Germany, Italy and India. Optionally, the database can also be purchased offline (on hard disk) and incorporated in existing databases, intranets etc. Read…


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I saw Gandhiji for the first time in London in 1909, in an English suit and a top hat. A party was given to a friend who had completed his education in England, and I was invited to it. Gandhiji too was there. When he was asked to speak, he got up and said: 'Why do you give him a party? What has he done? He has merely completed his studies. Let him go to South Africa and work there.' That was the tone of his speech even in those days. The next time I saw him at Kanpur in 1916 in the simple…


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"When Gandhi was in South Africa, he was liable to the same restrictive laws (as the natives and the coloured). So, to protect him, my brother granted him a Certificate of Exemption. I remember an incident which occurred when my brother had invited him one night to dinner. The natives, serving at the table, protested at being called upon to attend to an Indian, and it was only after it had been explained to them that Gandhiji was a great man, just like a native chief, that they were prepared…


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"Travelling with Gandhiji is a remarkable experience. I accompanied him on his tour in Bengal, Assam and Madras in the cold weather of 1945-46. Everywhere the enthusiasm of the people for him was unbounded. In some cases it was beyond control, and people stopped his train and demanded darshan (auspicious glimpse) even at odd hours of the night before they would let the train pass. On the night that we were travelling from Wardha to Calcutta, he was so tired with the noise and the shouting…


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Atakara was only miles from Badalkot. But it took full one hour to reach it. A very old couple lived in its neighbourhood. They were anxious to meet Gandhiji, but were too infirm to walk the distance. When Gandhiji came to know of it, he said he would visit them in their hut. He went there in the evening. The old man was deaf. Gandhiji affectionately patted him on the cheek as he came up. The old woman, too, came with two necklaces of camphor beads. She handed one of them to her old man,…


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During his tour to campaign against untouchability, Gandhi wanted to address a meeting at Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu). He and Dr. Rajan were driving down from Kerala. As they approached the town, they found that the roads and lanes were chock full of people. It took them a long time to reach the place of the meeting. Night had fallen, and the dais from which Gandhi was expected to address the meeting could be seen from quite some distance, illumined with coloured bulbs, tubelights, and twinkling…


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The love and veneration of the crowds and their anxiety not only to see him but to touch his feet created serious problems wherever Gandhi went. Once, when Gandhi arrived from Sindh, one of his associates, Kaka Kalelkar, found that Gandhi's legs and feet bore the marks of nails, and were bruised, and bleeding at many places. Gandhi explained to Kaka Kalelkar that he had sustained the injuries while wending his way through crowds. Kalelkar had to wash Gandhi's feet in warm water, and apply…


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In 1924 severe communal riots broke out in Delhi. Gandhi went on 21-day fast to appeal to the consciences of both the communities and to persuade them to put an end to fratricidal strife. Thousands of people from the town and the neighbouring areas used to throng to the house where Gandhi was staying, to share the ordeal and the agony, and if possible to have a darshan (glimpse) of the fasting Mahatma. On some days his health caused grave anxiety. Doctors did not want him to bear the strain…


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While at the Woodbrooke Settlement of the Quakers, in 1931, Gandhi told J.S. Hayland of how "one night many years before that time, he had made the resolve that never again, so loog as be lived, would he call anything his own; but that he would hold everything as belonging to the community. He told me of the vast resources at his command, and of the eagerness of his followers to do anything he might desire." "Yet, I own absolutely nothing," he declared. "And from the night's decision there…


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One day I said to Mr. Gandhi: "But supposing Mr. Quinn does come here and is hiding in our house, and some of his enemies come to the door asking for him. Am I supposed to say: 'Mr. Quinn is hiding in the cupboard,' or should I try to put them off by some subterfuge?" "What do you think you should do?" asked Mr. Gandhi. "I am inclined to think I should try and put them off." Gandhi: "And if they asked you point-blank if Mr. Quinn were in your house, what then?" "I believe I should be…


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Soon after one of Gandhi's English Associates, Muriel Lester, arrived in India, she was at dinner with an English Civil Servant who was the Magistrate of the District. The English Magistrate, seeing I had only just arrived in India, said one night at dinner: Do you want to know what Gandhi has done for India? Ten years ago, if a coolie had suddenly crossed my path and frightened the horse I was riding, I would probably have sworn at him and shouted: "Get out of my way — you!" He would have…


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The veneration that Gandhi's name evoked was evident even among dacoits and robbers who plied their trade in dense forests. The Singoli area of Gwalior State was a thick jungle, and it was dangerous to pass through it without an armed guard. One day a goldsmith went to one of Gandhiji's associates, Shri Ram Narain Chaudhari, and expressed his deep gratitude. Chaudhari could not recall doing anything for which the goldsmith should have felt grateful to him. So Chaudhari wanted to know why the…


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