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On one occasion, when Gandhi was released from a term of imprisonment in South Africa, he found that one of his close associates, Ms. Millie Graham Polak, was not well: The Polaks were members of the spiritual community that he was building around his ‘Sadligna'. When Gandhi wanted to know the reason for her being so ill, Mrs. Polak said that she could not get proper sleep at night because of insomnia. One of the contributory causes was also the trouble she was…


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The Indian National Congress met at Nagpur in December 1920. By then it had become customary to refer to Gandhi as 'Mahatma' Gandhi. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who later became the founder of Pakistan, spoke on a resolution. He spoke in English. In the course of his speech, he referred to Gandhi as Mr. Gandhi, and not Mahatma Gandhi. Maulana Mohammad Ali, a famous Muslim divine and leader of the Khilafat Movement, objected to this, and requested Mr. Jinnah to refer to Gandhi as Mahatma. Many…


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Mr. Pyarelal Nayyar, one of Gandhi's principal secretaries who worked with him for many years, recalls what he noticed of Gandhi's habits of work. "During the days that followed I noticed several things. One was Gandhiji's marvellous capacity to go on working day after day with only three or four hours' sleep — sometimes without any sleep at all. The second was his precision and thoroughness in the minutest details. The third was his meticulous regard for…


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He would change the wooden sandals that he wore only when the impression that his feet made on them became too apparent a depression. If the soles of his slippers (chappals) got worn out, he would get them re-soled, and continue to use them, instead of throwing them away. He never used soap on his body, but used to rub himself clean with a wet towel. He used to get through his shave while soaking himself in the bath tub, and did not use a mirror or brush and…


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Once, when Gandhi was in Calcutta, he was staying in a newly built house of an educational society. A young associate had been detailed to look after him and serve him. In the morning when Gandhi stepped out with a mug, soap and towel for his bath, the young man rushed to Gandhi and asked to be permitted to carry the soap, mug and towel to the bathroom. Gandhi quietly told him that what he was carrying was not too heavy. The worker then requested that he be allowed to wash Gandhi's soiled…


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Physician: "What about your memory?" Gandhi: "As rotten as you can imagine. I have lost the memory for details. I often envied my friends who could roll out whole poems after reading them once." Gandhi added: "If you can give me that gift, shall become your unpaid advertising agent." Physician: "God alone can give these gifts, Mahatmaji."

Physician: "Do you remember the occasion when years ago you visited the Mission Hospital at Hardwar? It was I who took you around." Gandhi: "Yes, I…


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It is well known that doctors who practise Homoeopathy have many questions to ask of their patients. They have to know symptoms, and likes and dislikes, and a host of other details about the patient, and sometimes even about the patient's parents and their parents. On one occasion a homoeopathic physician who was recommended by a friend met Gandhi to diagnose his ailments and prescribe remedies. The physician started: "When and what did your father die of?"…


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Horace G. Alexander was at Gandhi's Ashram at Sabarmati, and had walked with him to the prayer ground. When the prayer was over, there was a roll-call of the members of the Ashram, and each one reported on the quantity of yarn that he or she had spun on the Charkha. Horace happened to notice thus : "While the names were being called out and the record of the week's events read, Mr. Gandhi enjoyed himself stretching out his hand as if to touch one or two small infants who were running about…


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Discontinuing of Weekly News

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Weekly News - 11 June 2012

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Weekly News - 4 June 2012

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