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If Mahatma Gandhi was alive and was an Indian Politician


I was always of the strong view that Indian politics would never have been in this state of affairs if Mahatma Gandhi would have been alive today. We would have been the real example of democracy for new nations getting into democracy. For some time after we won independence, say for about two decades, we did have politicians of pristine qualities like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Kamaraj, C. Subramaniam, who had followed Gandhian principles in politics. Today there is so much of…


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Duck and Cover II

"I must not contemplate darkness before it stares me in the face. And in no case can I be party, irrespective of non-violence, to a universal strike and capture of power.  Though, therefore, I do not know what I should do in the case of a breakdown, I know that the actuality will find me ready with an alternative.  My sole reliance being on the living Power which we call God, He will put the alternative in my hands when the time has come, not a minute sooner." - 'Independence,' Harijan,… Continue

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Is Anna Hazare the 2nd Gandhi as portrayed by by many? No, of course not. He can't be compared with the great Mahatma Gandhi. He himself is not clear of his objective.And it shame to hear his parsing Modi and saying that the Communal violence( for whom Modi is responsible) is not the matter bothering him. Is this the Gandhi's ideals. Hazareji has never shown the courage to speak the naked truth about corruption.

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Gandhi-in-Action Europe, has been thinking to organise a small group of Non-violent volunteers to go to Libia where helpless people have been suffering by unwanted war. Our Europian Coordinator, Dr. R.Gramegna has been working on the stratigy as to how violence could be averted and peace is mentained. Thousands of innocent people have been suffering and no solution is visible. You can not sit idel when the house is on fire. This helplessness is awaful. We have to think and do something. All… Continue

Added by Arya Bhushan Bhardwaj on April 11, 2011 at 9:30am — 1 Comment

Weekly News - 11 April 2011

- Welcome to all new members who joined GandhiTopia last week! Now we are 1093 co-members, see

Latest Activities on GandhiTopia:

- Akshay Bakaya added a blog post "Some Jantars* and Mantars for the Anna Hazare movement":…


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The Time has changed

It was 2nd of October. 

The building was dedicated to the nation

and named after Gandhi ji


M.G. Institute for Peace. 

Next year, 

there were elections 

and the venue was  captured 

and badly sabotaged

by fire brand volunteers.

Now it is known as 

M.G. Institute in piece.

Added by Ramesh Tailang on April 10, 2011 at 6:23am — 1 Comment

Last evening in Pune was historic!


The imposing ramparts of Shaniwar Wada witnessed an electrifying moment in its history as more than 15,000 Puneites came out in support of Anna on Friday evening. The candle light march which was more than two kilometers long, begun from Bal Gandharva culminated at Shaniwar Wada. With candlelights in their hands and cries of people’s triumph on their lips, the young and the old, the feeble and the differently challenged all… Continue

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"The country does need politicians." - 'Advice to Constructive Workers' (G.), Biharni Komi Agman, pp. 346-7 (from The Essential Writings of Mahatma Gandhi edited by Raghavan Iyer)

I vote.  I think it is a citizen's duty to vote.

Many in my country who voted for Barack Obama have been disappointed.  I am not one of those.  I voted for Obama and he is exactly what I expected, a politician.  I hoped he would be something different, but I did not expect it, and so I am not… Continue

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Some Jantars* and Mantars for the Anna Hazare movement

Congress spokesman Manish Tewari suddenly labelling the "immensely respected" Anna Hazare as a "maverick" & "RSS agent" is definitely a sign of cold feet. Even in the 1970s, it was this party's (Indira Gandhi's) knee-jerk Emergency rule that revived the dying RSS, jailing activists and making heroes out of spent leaders like Advani & Vajpeyi.
As in Tahrir square, a corrupt régime's secret hope (or strategy) would be that participants would commit violence (as…

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My Support to Anna Hazare


Anna Hazare has today started a fast against corruption in New Delhi.

I am dedicating this article of mine "Corruption- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" which I wrote on 07.03.2010 in my Blog  "microMUSINGS"  to Shri. Anna Hazare's effort to curb…


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Weapon of Massive Consumption*

I am a 'victim' of American culture.  Okay, 'victim' is not the right word.  Mass consumer would be more accurate.

If you peruse previous blog posts you will find quotes from, besides Gandhi, Will Rogers and Sheryl Crow and who knows who else.

I love old movies, Theodora goes Wild, The Awful Truth, everything by the Marx Brothers, and new movies, Little Miss Sunshine, Despicable Me.  My iTunes playlist has the lastest songs, Hayes Carll -… Continue

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Weekly News - 4 April 2011

- Welcome to all new members who joined GandhiTopia last week! Now we are 1087 co-members, see

Latest Activities on GandhiTopia:

- New Nobility added a blog post "NewNobility for the people of Japan!":…


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Shanti Now in Libia - a proposal for a Peace Mission by Gandhi In Action International

On march 26 I have sent an email to Arya Bushan Bhardwaj , the Founder of Gandhi In Action International….

Dear Arya, I have been following the evolution of the situation in Libia and 

felt compelled  to think of something that could be done as Gandhi In Action in 

 Europe... Shall we protest? and organize some sort of "stop the war" 

 manifestation? Are there groups and NGOs moving in that direction we can join 

 and support?... After some search on the web, I…


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Nandini Voice For The Deprived

M 60/1, 4th Cross Street,

Besant Nagar,


Tel:- 91-44-24916037








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Lock and Load

"We forget the principle of non-violence, which is the essence of all religions.  The doctrine of arms stands for irreligion." -'Satyagraha - Not Passive Resistance' (H.), Ramchandra Varma, Mahatma Gandhi, about 2 September 1917 (from The Essential Writings of Mahatma Gandhi edited by Raghavan Iyer)

I am no saint.  I grew up playing Cowboys and Indians (the Native American kind) with plastic guns.  I owned plastic armies of men and tanks.  I have played video… Continue

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A Bio-data by Kanhaiya Tripathi

Personal Profile 

Name                             :       Dr. Kanhaiya Tripathi

Father's Name              :         Shri Sitaram Tripathi

Mother's Name            :          Smt. Prema Tripathi…


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Invitation to see some book on Hind Swaraj

Dear All !,


I edited a book on Hind Swaraj: Shatabdi Vimarsh, New Delhi published by Vani Prakashan. One book in English "Hind Swaraj: A Charter for Human Development from within" published by Academic Excellence, New Delhi and I wrote a book "Hind Swaraj: Ahimsak Kranti Ka Dastavez" published by Samkaleen Prakashan, New Delhi.

I think it is most important book who believe in Gandhi and Gandhian Values.


Dr.Kanhiaya Tripathi

Mahatma Gandhi… Continue

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Children - The Number One Threat to National Security

"Its use (Passive Resistance*), therefore, is, I think, indisputable, and it is a force which, if it became universal, would revolutionize social ideals and do away with despotisms and the ever-growing militarism under which the nations of the West are groaning and are being almost crushed to death, and which fairly promises to overwhelm even the nations of the East." -'Theory and Practice of Passive Resistance,' Indian Opinion, Golden Number, 1 Dec. 1914 (from The Essential… Continue

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