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Mahatma Gandhi's statue in New Zealand

To remember and pay tribute to Gandhiji, I wrote about the first Mahatma Gandhi's statue erected in New Zealand.

On 30 January 1948, Gandhiji was assassinated. To pay homage to him I wrote a blog on 'Mindful Living' and also a tribute to him on This is my way of…


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Admin announcement

- Now you can select whether your profile page and friends can be viewed by anyone, members or just my friends, see Settings (top right) > Privacy

- Now in the profile questions is an option for artists. Please change your profile, if necessary.

- On Friday, 30 Jan, 11pm-1:30am PST a scheduled maintenance will be performed. During this time, GandhiTopia will be offline.

- I made a view changes in the design, e.g. the chat room has been replaced by larger… Continue

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Peace In Mumbai

Kamala Sarup

Kathmandu, Nepal : The situation in Mumbai depresses me. I simply cannot understand how

terrorists and their crack ideas work. I have no words to express great sorrow for those killed in the Mumbai attacks.

The terrorists caused a lot of damage and destruction. But, the resilience of the Indian people has helped them to preserve their identity. An ancient culture, with a long and glorious history of art and music, history and politics, will not easily melt with… Continue

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Constituting India into a Gandhian Republic

Constituting India into a Gandhian Republic

Swachid K. Rangan

On 26 January 1950, we, the people of India, resolved to constitute India into a 'sovereign, democratic Republic'. In 1975, by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment, the resolve was expanded to read ‘sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic Republic.

Six decades after it was adopted the goal remains elusive. Party politics and bad governance have taken the country farther and farther away from the… Continue

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Musings on friendship, love and peace

Kathmandu, Nepal, "Lovely friend of this world Kamala," my friend Sunita sent me these words by email. "Whenever you allow yourself to feel the extreme of love and the extreme of peace, pain and sorrow will be wiped out. My words will provide you a place as the morning breeze does. This is the foundation of love and peace."

This part of the long email sent by Sunita suddenly increased the beatings of my heart. I wonder how it is that love sent through an email can play such a… Continue

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The meltdowown economy problem and simplest way to solve it using gandhian philosophy with scientific understanding.

The only talk of the wolrd is "Meltdown Economy". Experts are all the way telling people that this may lead for a year or two. Even it is murmerd that " US becomes second USSR". The worst affected part of economy is Manpower. Each company is delcaring the cuts or Pink Slip to their chunk of employees.

Being Science teacher and researcher I personally feel there is need to answer the concern situation with gandhian philosophy and scientific aptitute. Presently, economists give very… Continue

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On Behalf of Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

URGENT! Leonard Peltier's Safety in Jeopardy!

Call Canaan Federal Prison


Leonard's prisoner number is 89637-132.

Dear LP Supporters,

I am so OUTRAGED! My brother Leonard was severely beaten upon his arrival at the Canaan Federal Penitentiary. When he went into population after his transfer, some inmates assaulted him. The severity of his injuries is that he suffered numerous blows to his head and body, receiving a large bump on his head,… Continue

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Guidelines for using GandhiTopia

GandhiTopia is a free space for sharing ideas, opinions and information but we have and uphold certain standards. We will allow neither posting of explicit horror images nor personal attacks between members.

GandhiTopia aims to be a meeting point for Gandhian students, scholars, activists and institutions on the web. Members should fit in any of these categories or, in relation to Gandhi’s life and work, be artists, media persons or sincerely interested… Continue

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Small is the New Big

I am at peace with myself when I just sit and let thoughts blow through my mind like wind through the trees. Sometimes my mind, unlike the trees, captures a thought and looks at it as if with a microscope. This morning the single thought of “big” struck me. “Big” is anything but single. What is a "Big Thing?" What are the "Big Things" people scurry about to change , address, or find a solution for?

When I was just a boy in public school I thought of big things all the time.… Continue

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1 - To establish only one NATION of FREE BEINGS, recognizing themselves as what they are, accepting themselves as what they are, loving themselves as what they are: PURE LIGHT!.

2 - To establish only one RACE comprised of spiritually equal beings within the external multiplicity and to clear the pathway for the Divine Archetype of Man and Woman; the Androgynous Light.

3 - To establish only one RELIGION,… Continue

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Older people are being neglected

The world celebrated the International Day of Older Persons on Oct. 1. But many older people still don’t receive the love, respect and recognition that they should.

I am getting training at a local hospital these days. The majority of people there are very old, around 85 years of age. They are alone. They are sick. I listen to them. One lady, Rita, had a degree in music and dance; she died this morning.

She was old and sick. She tried to make her life known. She told me… Continue

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Applying Gandhiji's teachings in Daily life

Ahimsa -- a teaching which Gandhiji followed and made it a part of his life is something we all can practice. The word can also mean dynamic compassion, to be actively compassionate rather than be passively non-violent.

One way to practise ahimsa is to lead an environmentally positive lifestyle. Our lifestyle has far reaching effects on the planet. The issues of global warming and climate change are very real and is affecting all of us.

I have written two articles related… Continue

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Gandhi in Argentina

I have recently (Nov 27, 2008) been to Argentina to speak about Gandhi at the Festival of India organized by the Embassy of India in Buenos Aires. The talk had an unexpected repercussion and I am still receiving letters from professionals that are interested in applying gandhian principles to their activities, As co-founder of Associação Palas Athena, that has been working on the practical applications of gandhian principles for almost 30 years… Continue

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Recollecting Mahatma Gandhi's work

Recollecting Mahatma Gandhi's work

I lived in New Delhi, India, for more than three years while completing my studies and learning dance, music and writing. I had two purposes in being there: to do research in journalism and literature and to work for newspapers and the media. Nepal and India have a similar culture, and these days I actually find myself missing India, and, above all, Mahatma… Continue

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Obama on Gandhi

On Gandhi Service Day, October 2, 2008:

Dear Friends,

It’s a pleasure for me to join today in commemorating Mahatma Gandhi’s day of birth, celebrated across America and around the world by service to our neighbors and other good works. Gandhi’s commitment to creating positive change by bringing people together peacefully to demand it resonate as strongly today as they did during his lifetime. Through the power of his example and his own unshakeable spirit, he inspired a… Continue

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Mahatma Gandhi and peace

Mahatma Gandhi is greatly respected as one who championed non-violent action. He re-wrote the meaning of forgiveness, non-violence and love by adopting peaceful means to fight for rights.

With peace as a weapon of action, with forgiveness as a means towards love, he defeated violence and fought for the freedom of the oppressed and marginalized communities under British rule in India and in South Africa. The meaning of peace is to offer happiness.

He stared at peace and his… Continue

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Reading Shakespeare

Reading Shakespeare

Kathmandu, Nepal, — William Shakespeare's work revolves around love, life, failure, conflict and companionship. No wonder he is hailed as one of the greatest poet and writer of all times.

The play 'Romeo Juliet' has a feeling of love and desire while the theme of love, humanity, sacrifice and companionship is permanent. It is the play where the Juliet character desires to be with her love Romeo. Juliet's feelings and promises, made for love is… Continue

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Gandhi Peace Walk -- January Blog

Gandhi Rolling Stone -- Stories From The Road

Follow Your Bliss by Dermot Butterly aka Gandhi Rolling Stone

Greetings my dear readers. Here I sit in my little camper in the long-term parking lot of the Oklahoma City airport hoping they don’t kick me out in the middle of the night. You see I just returned from a few days in Los Angeles getting some dental work done and now I’m back on the road. I’m feeling quite sad and even a little sorry for myself. The transition from a… Continue

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Kasturba Gandhi(Ba)

Kasturba wife of Gandhi was a "unique a class by herself"
Gandhi wrote" If I had to choose a companion for myself life after life,I would choose Ba....Ours is a life of contentment and progress

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Garvin Brown visited Assam in March 2008

The Telegraph

| Tuesday, March 04, 2008 |

Australian to lead walk


Garvin Brown

March 3: Come Sunday, a 79-year-old Australian will lead a walk to raise funds for underprivileged children.

The walk is being organised by Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters (FASS), a non-profit NGO, an international think tank which aims at providing an “inspirational energy and a motivating force” for the overall development of the… Continue

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