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In regard to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi I am a / we are an
About me / us
My partner and I have four children, live in LaSalle near Montreal, work with the Sustainable Development Corporation. I've lived and worked among Dukobour, Mennonite, Quaker and First Nation communities. I'm committed to creating peace with all the resources I have, align with and can access.
My / our projects, events, campaigns, research, publications
'Organising from the Treeroots. An 'indigenous' (Latin = 'self-generating') model of peace considers how we interact for food and material production with each other and the earth is the foundation of sustainable peace.

Indigenous 'economy' (Greek = 'care and nurture of the home and family') for most of the world's peoples is traditionally based in the food and materials producing tree. The multi-level orchard trees absorb between 92 - 98 % of solar energy and convert it through photosynthesis into matter and water cycle necessary for all species of life on earth. Roots of the tree descend as deep as the productive canopy to pump water, mine minerals and develop nutrient colonies tens to a hundred meters deep. The air mass over multi-level orchards is cooled by tree solar absorption, which in turn creates a low pressure area attracting warm moist air masses from the sea. 60% of water transfer is through moisture condensation on cool leaf and bark surfaces. Trees (permaculture) are planted over generations, are harvestable with 5 - 10 years and require mostly feeding with human wastes (will purify fecal and urine etc), no ground disruptions and mostly harvest over relatively long seasons. Indigenous orchards produce abundance.

'Agri'-culture (Latin = 'field') by grains and vegetables harvest only 2 - 8% of solar energy, reflect the rest, pump water and nutrients only centimetres deep. Airmass over agricultural fields is heated in high pressure and pushes outwards towards the sea. Only 40% of water transfer is through rain which as well is pushed away by high pressure air masses. Fields require constant ground breaking, plowing, weeding, watering, fertiliser, seeding (annuals) and other back breaking labours. Agriculture produces scarcity.

All these factors make multi-level orchard food production of tall Oaks and other nut trees, medium fruit, lower nuts (haselnut etc) fruits, vines (eg. grapes) , berries, grains, vegetables, mushrooms etc. 100 times more productive than agriculture for all goods (food, materials, fibre, air, water, soil, water retention and slow release, toxin storage in tree wood) and services. The abundance of tree based food production provides decentralised community wealth not dependent upon outside (exogenous) sources.

Our violence with the land and the resulting scarcity causes humans to encroach upon the productive resources of neighbours leading to war. As war destroys tree capacities, people become beholding to shallow capacities. Since the destruction of the multi-level orchards of Babylon 7,000 years ago, one empire after another has destroyed the indigenous abundance of Semite, Egyptian, Greek, Rome, Europe, north Africa, the Americas and now every place on earth.

In order to recapture our planet we need to understand indigenous socio-economic governance technologies rooted in Time-based accounting in Production Societies. This foundation of economic democracy provides for progressive intergenerational ownership from the young apprentice to the wize elder. The string-shell (Wampum, Esnoguay, Seewan, Kayoni, Quipu) provides a model of inclusive economy through Human Resource development and accounting practices. Relational Economy considers the strengths and assets of individuals and communities organised to collaborate and pool resources through share (capital) accounting methods integrated with social-security (condolence), inter-community conveyance (compensation), college (apprentice to elder) education, costume (group affiliation and other values.
I am / We are member of the following institution(s)
Sustainable Development Corporation a Canadian Non-Profit since 1994.
Address and contact details
9628 Jean-Milot, LaSalle, Quebec, H8R 1X9, Canada,
Website address

'Satya' = 'Truth' + 'Agraha' = 'Search' with dialogue

When Gandhi conceived of 'Satyagraha' a strong part of his concept grew from his dialogue (dialectic) based profession as a community lawyer and advocate for his people. If we are to create peace among us, it is largely through similar processes of dialogue that we facilitate, not reserved to conflict but more importantly in our everyday life.

We can facilitate formal (debate structured) dialogue as family members, neighbours and colleagues in research for a better life together as well as in conflict resolution among us at each primary level such as in our families, communities or workplaces. Humanity is suffering from communication blocks, when we don't engage at these primary levels to employ each other's gifts and services locally.

I offer a free easy to use tool called 'Both-Sides-Now, Equal time recorded dialogues' for research, conflict resolution and contract or agreement attainment. Healing and nurturing our relationships are key to achieving peace. Each of us represents a perspective or voice of nature, life and spirit.

Like the human eye, each of us sees in two dimensions. It is in comparing or triangulating the differences and similarities between the two eyes that the human brain constructs three dimensional perception. While each of our two eyes only have 7 centimetres of separation, as individuals, families, communities and states, we have many degrees of separation from which we can understand this 3-D plus world in all of its dimensions.

Individuals are self-programmed by their experiences to as well resolve disputes and proactively create. The ancient art of dialectics (Socrates) is as well practiced among 'indigenous' (Latin = 'self-generating') cultures of the world, however debate / dialectics have been erased through colonialism and violence from our community practice.

It is simple for all of us to use these practices, today with a voice or video recording device and the time recording functions found on most wrist watches. When a recording (traditionally in indigenous communities in the circle of the people) is being made individuals are called to a higher self. This format can be used with or without a facilitator. We can resolve and align our resources / abilities without the expense and often the interference of professional mediators (lawyers, psychiatrists, counsellors etc.) who may not understand human strengths. While professions can play a role in our lives, they should never try to replace our primary engagements with ourselves.

Mohandas Gandhi as a community lawyer, employed a principle of seeking the best intentions of both his allies and opponents in the courtroom. This form of formal congenial 'debate' (French = 'de' = 'undo' + 'bate' = 'the fight') allows individuals, families and communities, a way of understanding diverse perspectives and as well to create synergies among them.

If all parties in community, dispute or war held the 'right to dialogue' (typically interest or affiliate groups must first engage their members) and these dialogues are published, then no one would take up arms, for in human experience 'truth' (satya) is the far greater force and 'agraha' ('search') is humanity's quest = (satyagraha).

'Both-Sides-Now' comes in a 2 page version. I can refer individuals to some other illustrative resources such as three cartoons by Bill Watterson (I hope Bill W. will give permission to have them circulated for peace), Joni Mitchell's song 'Both-Sides-Now', quotes from Plato's 'The Republic' on Socrates' dialectics and references to indigenous practices of dialogue. Just making this free and accessible process available for all, would disarm combattants everywhere and bring us peace in our time. It is important however to understand that; this violent condition we are held in, is universal and requires that all of us engage each other and learn to see 3-dimensions plus.

Towards 7 billion dialogues everywhere with everybody,

Douglas Jack at

Douglas 'Ou-Ee-Ii-Jay-Ii' Jack's Blog

Both Sides Now, Equal Time Recorded Dialogues Dialectic Forum

Posted on December 29, 2011 at 21:11 0 Comments


There is a huge deficit for society in having access to 'balanced' media in order to hear both sides of issues.  Mohandas Gandhi as a lawyer and community advocate engaged both sides to express and realize their 'best intentions' individually and together.  Recently there have been some posts on GandhiTopia such as 'Satyagraha Reinvented' which in not recognizing the violence of the Arab Spring, bombing of Libya and continuing…


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At 18:54 on March 22, 2012, Satyendra Tripathi said…

Thanks for your response. Its great to learn about thinking towards sustainability. Truth is only sustainable and sustainability leads truth.  

At 17:23 on March 3, 2012, Prof. Dr. Yogendra Yadav said…

I am a gandhian scholor & have a deep knoledge in Gandhian philosphy. Now I am working in Gandhi Research Foundation. I am editor of  a bio monthly 'Khoj Gandhiji Ki' I am script, book writer and translation. I want your hand for getting peice in world.

At 9:21 on April 6, 2011, M Gandhi College of Social Work said…
Hello !

I am from West Champaran,Bihar. Strongly believe in Gandhiji and try to implement his principles in life. I am in process to setup Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work in West Champran, Bihar from where Gandhiji's started his first ever movement in India.

I am going to present paper in an International Conference called Community University Expo 2011 ( Its amazing conference taking place in Waterloo,Canada. Please see details of this conference and join if possible.

I would like to learn and collaborate with you or your organsiation for college. You may reach to me on skype id birsoni or call me or text me here.

Waiting to here you.
Birendra Kumar
At 9:26 on August 3, 2009, Aunty Kamala said…
Dear Sir, thank you for your comments. I'll tell my son about the website, as he is it's manager and creator. As I understand, its not completely done yet. We are on the verge of completing several projects simultaneously, a musical CD in memory of my daughter, called Anni's Album, which children from around the world have participated in here in our Ashram; getting the Earth Ethics book to the printers, along with Pranaam, a poetry book; and finishing the final year in college, with senior projects, conferences, etc., for my son.
In one months time, alot of this will be much further down the road, God Willing.
There is a young man in New Zealand, who is interested in what you are doing, for communities there. I will send your email to him.
Thank-you, and Best wishes to your beautiful family,
Aunty Kamala

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