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Dharma Ashram, (live in Student in Ashram Gandhi Puri) June-September 2010

Dharma Ashram, (live in Student in Ashram Gandhi Puri) June-September 2010

in Ashram Gandhi Puri

The greatest lesson of life, said Mahatma Gandhi. ”if we would stoop and humble ourselves, we would learn not from grown-up learned men but from the so-called ignorant children.”
Mahatma Gandhi’s deep concern for children stems from his enormous love for them. He has put high premium on emotional development of the individual from a variety of viewpoints. He firmly believed that for all-round development of boys and girls, all training should as far as possible be given through vocational education.
Every year the Ashram Gandhi Puri organizes Dharma Ashram (Live in Students in Ashram Gandhi Puri) with the objective of involving student and non-student youth during their summer vacation in meaningful group activities, which would enhance their skills and awareness. Inculcating values, imbibing a spirit of constructive contribution to society and volunteering; besides developing creative faculties are important components of this programme.The Summer school, now being organized for the past eleven years, provide an ideal platform to spread the life message and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi.
Dharma Ashram started by Indra Udayana Vedanta Community in Ashram Gandhi Puri more than 10 years ago aims at realizing this dream. Dharma Ashram organized during the long vacation . In Ashram Gandhi Puri alone, more than 2000 young students participated in the different , seminar, camp. workshops organized during the period from Bali, Indonesia, South East Asia, Europe and USA.

Through Dharma Ashram are imparted training in theatre, pottery, media writing, radio production, group discussion, value education, volunteering, meditation, yoga, and natural health care, story telling classes, dance and music. The thrust was to promote a participatory learning process and development of specific skills amongst the youth, which will empower them to articulate their own concerns. The participants shared both their experience of being involved in conflicting situation and the efforts and initiatives they took in order to come out of them peacefully and in Dharma Ashram is dialogue and workshop the prime focus was placed on the root causes that contribute to conflict and violence in society with reference to young students and to identify actions to address the issue in order to promote peace, tolerance , humanitarian service in our socity.

The theme we shall overcome, of this years Dharma Ashram (Live in Students in Ashram Gandhi Puri) programmed was aimed at discussing various problem faced by Youth in their day-to-day life and how they could overcome them in a positive manner. Emphasizing on Mahatma Gandhi’s “Eighteen-Point Constructive Programmed”, the camp discussed at length topics on morality, will power and positive attitude.
. The need for such a camp was aroused because of the large number of youth falling prey to various forms of vices at a very young age. Moreover, it was felt that with large number of youth committing suicides mostly under pressures, the camp sought to discuss and evolve solution for Youth Students to deal with these situation.

During Dharma Ashram, young students from different university ,NGO,Public Schools and Voluntary Organizations presented a unique blend of classical and fusion items including, sports, instrumental music, dance and patriotic songs.
Speaking on the occasion, BR Indra Udayana (founder /Chairman Ashram Gandhi Puri) exhorted the youth to take the Gandhian path of non-violence and promote the spirit of volunteering. He pointed out that volunteering was a distinct human characteristic, which connected an individual to the society. He talked about Gandhi the volunteer and how he motivated the entire world to take to non-violent
“Volunteering is something one does out of one’s free will, he said. Gandhi puts this eloquently in his Autobiography. ”My experiments with Truth, “Service can have no meaning unless one takes pleasure in it. When it is done for show or fear of public opini

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