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Co-founder of school raps about Gandhi to pique students' interest

Carroll County Times


By Alisha George -

Scot Lynn stood before students of the North Carroll Community School Thursday no longer as their teacher, but instead as "Ga-Ga-Gandhi."

Lynn, co-founder of the school, dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi to perform a rap song he wrote about the political figure's life to the background music from Eminem's "My Name Is."

The song was filled with facts about Gandhi's life, including his non-violent protesting and the gun shot that ended his life.

Students watched, many waving their hands to the beat with Lynn and some even joined in on the singing. When asked to recite some of the details from the song, hands flew up to respond.

Lynn said the song and performance was an effort to make learning interesting and fun.


North Carroll Community School in Westminster provides multi-age, differentiated instruction to kindergarten through eighth-grade students. An emphasis is placed on connections between disciplines while teaching outside of the traditional curriculum, according to its website.

"We want school to be as exciting as possible," Lynn said.

Many lessons at the school are interactive because it often helps the students retain the information, he said. Students at the school have what is known as academic choice, where they can choose how they will learn information.

The rap song was a success and a fun way to start the school year, Lynn said.

"I think I'm going to start doing a lot of it," he said.

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Fabulous!  Can we get a video?????????


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