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Children create sketches for Gandhi comic book

Hindustan Times

By Sneha Mahale

Think Gandhiji’s values and teachings no longer apply in today’s day and age? Think again. A recently released comic book compilation showcases Gandhian values in contemporary times. What’s more is that the sketches in the book have been created by children and show their perception of Mahatma Gandhi in India 2010. The book has been released in English and Hindi versions.

New works
Titled Understanding Gandhi (English) and Gandhi Se Mulakat (Hindi), these books have been compilated from a ten-day comics campaign organised for children by World Comics India in collaboration with Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti. The participants were mainly from two orphanages — Arya Bal Graha and Chandra Arya Balika Graha (for boys and girls). However, some sketches from children across India have also been incorporated into the books.

The workshops were held in two phases. While the children produced comics on the life of Gandhi in the first session, Gandhi comic bookthe second part of the workshop produced sketches on Gandhian values in the contemporary world. Some important events that marked Bapuji’s life like the Dandi March, Non Cooperation Movement and his policy of Satyagraha find a place in the books.

His teachings against discrimination and his views against female infanticide too have been highlighted in the drawings. “The kids created several comics on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and his values in contemporary times. These stories are not only inspiring and imaginative but also full of drama. There is also a humongous variety in the drawings,” says Sharad Sharma, founder, World Comics India. To assist the children in their sketches, they were given six to eight panels for free style layout comic designs, other than the conventional four panel comic format.

The entries were then sorted and all these sketches were compiled and published in two books. The books are available at most major retailers.

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