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 Hindi is our National Language. Why you not allow blogs in Hindi? Can you explain about it please?

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Why suddenly we are facing the problem of language?I know Hindi very well, I write, speak and read Hindi. Most of the work I need to do in Hindi. But that does not mean I consider my Gujarati anyway inferior to Hindi. I am from Gujarat which is not a part of Hindi-belt. Why suddenly this forum is being plagued with the non-existent language problem?
Tamilians are justified in their opposition of Hindi. English was a ruler's language and it was adopted by everyone. And we learnt it. We benefited from it. OK?! After independence, all citizens were equal and, therefore, their languages too. Now, how can somebody claim that his/her language is superior to others? Tamil or Gujarati cannot be treated as inferior to Hindi. This is another kind of imperialism far away from democracy. Since it is 'our' national language everyone must be compelled to speak it. What a logic! Quite an unGandhian attitude. We must remember, the genesis of Bangladesh are in the imposition of Urdu on the Bengali-speaking East pakistan. Even religion could not keep them together.
it is not mandatory for every site dedicated to Gandhi must speak in Hindi. Moreover, there is a choice to join a site or not.
Peter has already clarified that this site uses English as its language. Fine. Manoj ji will hopefully realise that his zeal for Hindi is unGandhian.
I respect the feelings about English as a "foreign" imposition on India. I am grateful, though, that this forum is operating in English. I am fluent in three languages, but none of them is Hindi. It is just my good luck that my native language is used as the lingua franca all over the world--an undeserved boon for me, I know. But, let me say that my ancestors had English imposed on them by British imperialists at the same time India did. Okay, the Irish are not an ancient civilization like those on the subcontinent, but still, it's worth my while to focus on how English allows me to cross boarders with my communication and Gaelic does not. In a global economy, it's most important that we can speak to each other from our different parts of the world. Anything that increases the ability to communicate with people in different parts of the world is a powerful tool we need to embrace--even if the tool came from imperialists. English, like the internet itself, is not without its ethical issues, but it's a tool we can't afford to dismiss.


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