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Now dalit leaders has been raising this point that gandhi was the person who branded dalit as harizon then others are son of devil.since i am in very tender age to reply these critics as a gandhian ,its my moral responsibility to clear these misconception will any body assit me what will be the appropriate things to respond these 

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I would try to clarify few things here on the skeptics of Gandhi's casteist image, based on my understandings:

Gandhi believed in Varnashrama Dharma as he himself believed in certain Hindu beliefs such as prayers, fastings etc. These actions were filled in his freedom movement. The shadowing of Hindu practices lasted until his death. So, before getting into the analysis of his casteism, one must ideally want to see him as a Hindu or Bharath Mahaan, however the world sees him as secular and Global.

My approach to your question lies on the fact of his religious identity. For instance one who sees Jesus in him may not be able to find his caste orientations.

In my opinion, Dalit and Harijan, both these words refer to a set of particular castes, and means the same if not taken literally. As per "whats' in a name" principle, Gandhi could not have called them Harijans. But, the goodness in him had made him to call so under the circumstances that prevented the society to see them even as humans.

Hi BB nice to see your words.


It is my belief that the word Harijan (children of God) was for Gandhi a realization of his VERY inner feelings and devotion and love for the people whom he loved so much. I know that Ahmbedkar did not believe this, however I FEEL that Gandhi,s words were coming from his heartfelt agony at seeing the terrible situation of his fellow Indians, the Dalits.

When he had the need to go to Delhi on Congress matters he sometimes would stay at the residence of G D  Birla where he had a room emptied of all furniture and he slept on a Cot on the floor. On some visits we would stay with the people he loved so much in the Bhangi Colonies.



please see my response to Arundhati Roy in the form of an open letter:


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