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what is world. are u agree for a goodwill world or not

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If we do not turn around the hatred and lack of compassion/ahimsa/respect one for the other in this world, I fear the world would be lost, save that we have been lucky enough to have had Bapuji in our lives, and I doubt a one of us would consider quitting the fight to make this world a world of goodwill and love. We might not succeed in our lifetimes, but no act of kindness or love or truth ever dies. Namaste. - Morgana Washington, NY, USA
By my understanding, someone once asked Amma, ( Mata Amritanandamayi) my teacher, will the Earth ever be a good place, and people kind and loving to one another as a whole? She replied that ethical perfection in this realm of awareness was not God's plan for the place. This planet will always be a place of good and evil, and the tussle between the two will always continue. But there has to be a balance in order for human survival as we know it. The problem we face now is that evil, the force of self-aggrandizement at the expense of the large community, has gained the upper-hand. Goodness cowers before evil. Those in power use the media to keep the potentially morally good and strong people distracted from being able to meaningfully and critically address the situation. Mothers birth daughters and sons, give them little moral training, and feed the cannons of war, and add to the suffering caused by human inequity through unjust economics.
At this time, Mata Amritanandamayi has stressed the crucial and essential need for women to rise and free themselves from the hypnotic shackles of the centuries, and assert their strength, their ethical Love-Power, to help transform the planet. She sees, according to her speeches, that the present planetary crises, is due to the lack of women's meaningful participation in society.
Men and women are inherently equal, but both have different roles to play, as defined by their forms. Try as we might, neither gender can escape their intrinsic nature, which is our strength, not a weakness. As women awaken to respect the power of their own nature, (courage, endurance, nurturance, fearlessness, gentleness,etc.) they will demand that their husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, and friends, find peaceful, ecological, intelligent and caring solutions to the problems we face.
I still have hope for this earth and human civilization, yet Amma has said that the 'dance of dissolution' has already begun. The arrow has left the bow. Pollution has invaded every molecule on earth. However, we have the potential to arrest the process, by cleaning up our act, by ethically and morally cleaning up ourselves. By my understanding, she has said that the actions of the last 6 generations will require us to wipe the tears of the next 100 generations. As we begin this work, with sincere hearts, the environment and human relations will take a different tone and direction.
What we face, more than anything, is an ethical crisis. This crisis is the root of all our problems, environmental, gender, economic, etc.
Gandhi saw the road clearly, and saw that India had much to offer in recreating ethical life on earth.
Aunty Kamala
I must say, aunty Kamala, that I have to agree with your esteemed teacher. The arrow HAS left the bow. I have always told friends of mine, as they went through their child-bearing years (really, I have!): "Please raise your boys like girls!" for this very reason. We had a woman here in the US in the early 20th century, Emma Goldman, who always promoted just what your teacher has been saying about Women taking control and using their power(s) to reverse the course of this crazy world. I have been arrested and in jail on more than one occasion, and have found that while an effective tool once into the courts (one of our protests ended up re-writing how America may charge people with criminal charges in the courts), unless the civil disobedience is tightly targeted and ongoing, even for a few days if nothing else is do-able, it won't be very effective. I think that Bapuji's program(s) in the Quit India campaigns were most effective because the groundswell of people were there who were willing to take the suffering of the their actions on behalf of the community. Americans for the most part, (and forgive the generalization here, fellow Americans, but I call it as I see it) are a self-satisfied bunch who have fallen
into lethargy unless it affects them personally and deeply. Such as during the 9/11 crises. But look how our gov't responded!!!!???!!!! Although tens of thousands of people protested starting a violent war that couldn't be won, panic and anger and retribution were the first response! I was so ashamed to be American then. Dr. Shiva said yesterday on the radio, echoing Gandhiji's words: We must get to the root of terrorism, fear, anger, retribution, and snip the bud off before it flowers into such horrendous actions. We must educate our chidlren, yes, but we also must set an example for them: Let them see us being arrested for a principle and then coming back for more until we effect change.

Yes, Bapu saw the road was humanity's shame that we didn't follow with a stouter heart, and now everyone is paying the price. And by everyone, I mean humans and animals and this good green Earth.
You know What is World? If, Yes. Please send me your view. I will be try to search a solution.


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