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Victory to the World!


The infamous song “Jai Jagat…” written by Dukhayal has been sung in the circles of peace, non-violence, justice and world happiness.


Jai Jagat, Jai jagat

Jai jagat Pukaare jaa

Jai jagat Pukaare jaa

Sir Aman Pe vaare ja

Sab ke het ke vaste

Apne sukh Bisaare Ja






Here is the English translation of the same.


Victory to the World!


March on with the slogan

Victory to the whole world

Let us offer everything

At the altar of peace

Let us stake our happiness

For the good of all


Let Peace prevail

Let everyone love everyone

Let the whole world be the winner

Why should anyone be a loser


All laws be based on justice

May all enjoy equal right

Let land belong to all,

Even as the sky belongs to all


Throw away differences of colour

Break the barriers of religion

Let the bond of love

Among mankind be immortal


May the winds of peace

Engulf the world

May the world rejoice

May the darkness of hatred give way

To the dawn of friendship


For those who would hear this song in the voice of the veteran Gandhian, and the living spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr.S.N.Subba Rao with his eloquent and vigourous touch to this immortal song, it would surely add a sense of zeal and energy.

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It is the right song for globalization...globalization of bombing or arms race must be discarded to bring spirit of this song...let us start from India...let us export this spirit to the US where wars are conceived ...

Want to know about the Jai jagat song lyrics...written by Dukhayal . What  was his full name... Hundraj Dukhayal????


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