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Using 'Gandhi' in films

It is not new that films are made on Gandhi and about Gandhi's life. Many films both in India and abroad portray Gandhi in various forms and in fact, many films have told stories inspired by Gandhi and his teachings. Such films can broadly be classified as those portraying portion of Gandhi's life and those feature the inspiration of Gandhi's principles fondly called as "Gandhigiri".

There is a third category of films whose stories have nothing to do with Gandhi but use his name and his related terms for namesake. While more of the Gandhian methods been talked, written and applied on various issues and affairs of the world, movies too have seemed to inspired by his name, and things like his glass, books, biography, train incident in SA etc. for telling stories not related to Mahatma Gandhi by any means. Simply, the "Gandhi concept", as they call it, appears in a shot or two for few seconds.

In the film, "Ambuli (Tamil)", just released last friday, a 3D movie in multiple Indian languages, have used a code word "1957 GANDHI-SAW" in the college library holding the key for the room locked for more than 20 years". Two students who were doing the search for the truth behind the whereabouts of an hidden demon that was killing people in a village. A laboratory in the college library, having all the evidential facts about how the demon was created, was locked for years and the key to that room is placed inside the book on Gandhi's Biography.

The director has symbolically visualised the way (key) to truth can be found in Gandhi.

Such usage of Gandhi in cinemas are rarely found in the history of Indian cinema and I guess, as more youngsters are beginning to understand Gandhi, it is becoming a trend in todays' feature films. Whether it is a welcoming trend depends on the context it is used!



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A very interesting trend indeed! Let's keep our eyes and ears open to discover more such examples and see whether film makers are smart enough to understand the relevance of Gandhi's teachings, thus incorporate him in their films (in what way ever) in an inspiring way.

Well said, Mr.Balaji. Though people in cine field use Gandhi's name in many profitable ways, they don't seem to sincerely value his thoughts.

populistic medias- do have a role in fixing the views of people, cinema is indeed a huge media..i am trying to recollect the movies where gandhi has been used as a symbol..

in several movies- involving the judiciary court- there will be a portrait of gandhi- especially in the movies of the 80s ,to stress the injustice of the protagonist..

aayudham seivom,munnabhai sequels - are to some extent-indeed kindled gandhian interests,

there was cherans movie- desiya geetham- where there will be a gandhian freedom fighter..(nagesh)..


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