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Dear Friends,


I just heard about  an interesting incident and the above subject. I would like to share and also know the authentcity of the incident.


On the death of any prominent  leader it is a practise of United Nations Organisation to bring down the Flag of the respective Nation as a mark of respect.


But on the death of Mahatma Gandhji the United Nations Flag was brought down along with other Flags as a mark of respect to the great soul.


Till date the flag has not been brought down for any other leader other than Gandhji.


What a homage paid to that great soul, infact Gandhji did not hold any position... in any political party including the Indian National Congress..Still he commanded the respect nation wide.




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Sreenath when Gandhi was assassinated the United Nations was in session in its first headquarters.San Fransisco and when the news came thru of his passing members all spoke of the terrible Loss to the world and the UN lowered its flag to half mast but...............HUMANITY lowered its flag to GROUND level ......the world had lost its CONSCIENCE


Thanks Garvin for sharing


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