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Mahatma Gandhi propounded the theory of Trusteeship. Trusteeship means the following:

a) limit your needs, and

b) keep the surplus with you as if you are its Trustee and do not hesitate to spend it for the benefit of the society.

The theory is beautiful. Gandhi put it into practice, too. Can we Gandhitopians think in this directon? I want to hear from you all. Let us discuss the real issues which are must to change oneself and then the society.

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'I am not much aware about Society of Friends. Would you please let me know'
private property means.... this is mine, trustship means all property is God's and nothing is mine, not even the body.
In private property there is attachment, fear to lose and greed to accumulate for the future, in trustship there is gratitude for the basics and freedom to share 'gifts for giving' from God.

The each word written by you is true and this is the only truth. Anything different from it is untruth and illusion.
This thread addresses my area of interest. As a scholar in the USA, I am working on what my countrymen must do and what my own message should focus on primarily if I'm to speak as a Gandhian in my country. The concept of trusteeship is, I think, key. It is an idea directed (as others have said here) at those with surplus and that is certainly the situation in my country. It seems to me that someone in my nation needs to speak to our own people about how this principle of trusteeship is a solution to our own problems.

However, am I limited to using trusteeship to ease the poverty of my neighbors here in the USA? How do I respond to the global responsibility my country bears for poverty all over the world? The poverty of my neighbors pales in comparison to the poverty in most of the world. Where do my responsibilities end? In my town/ In my state? In my country? In all countries effected by my own nation's economic and military policies?
The person who believs in principle of trusteeship and practices is close to GOD. He/she will see GOD in the whole humanity. For them, there is no difference in american or indian or african etc. He/she is beyond all limits set by us (human beings). If you have surplus, I will suggest you to do activities which will work for internal reforms of a human being. In other words, I am sugegsting you to enhance spiritual quotient (SQ)of people around you. Such people will be free from greed and unnecessary competiton. You can do this in your country. In this way, you will be creating an army of people in your own country who will be better human beings and work for alleviating poverty in poor asian and african countries. Poverty is a relative term. The poor people in your country may be rated at higher scale in poorest african and asian countries. Gandhi had adopted voluntary poverty (in context of India) and had limited his needs but he lived a very satisfied life (the reason - he was a rare human being with high SQ).


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