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I liked this article by Asghar Ali Engineer. I thought I should share it with you.
Here is the link:

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It is most appropriate...
The article is good and the author has truly put the effects of violence in todays world.

As per evolution, education, art, culture, technology, living style, conditions and knowledge... everything grows and shaping up well. So as the terror. Terror today is completely different from that in yesteryears. Violence using hand-held weapons have grown into the level of remote-controlled bombs.

We, Gandhians should unitedly speak and work together to oppose and fight-against this trend happening in the terror world and stop the evolution working for violence. We must invent new methodologies and technologies based on non-violence to counter such terrorist acts.
There should be some concrete programme from Gandhians.
Exactly right. That is what I meant. I would like the Gandhians and GandhiTopia members to unite together to get into action and symbolize our stand against terror in someway or the other. We do have to agree that sharing info. and writing about Gandhi and non-violence alone is insuffice to meet our goals agaist terror.

When it comes to plan, I seek the support from fellow Gandhians and members as it would give a push to the message we convey to the world. It is not like that I do some action/activity in my place and asking the other to particpate in it. It is about the collective work from us in a common place and it would speak-for-itself kind of action plan. And, I feel this is a perfect forum for exchanging our views and go the ground work. We must also invite non-members outside GandhiTopia also to this plan.

Here I would request and invite all the Indian members to respond to this thread with some suggesstion to fight against terror and violence. Upon receiving the few responses, an action plan can be decided and be proceeded further.

Suggestion no: 1

Let us conduct a rally in a selected city of our choice to highlight our stance against terror and violence. The rally would speak up for promotion of non-violence and peace. The rally would bring people to seek support for anti-terror activities. Get some thousands of signature from the people and send to the concerned ministry to enhance the steps in curbing terror. And, let us do it as a project under the title "Shanti-Ahimsa Yatra - 2010"

Other suggestions are welcome. And, the serious responders are free to add their suggestion.
Very good article indeed! But we should not ignore that there is a ''intelligenge" manipulating our believes about terrorism.
The responsability is always given to small violent minorities, but most often any bomb exploding here or there in the world is part of a plan organized by the 'secret services' serving the 'power' and amplified by the media (controlled by the same power).
Here in the Alps, whenever we see the woods burning, immediately think it is an arsun... somebody who own a piece of land, woods land, by law, cannot cut the trees. If he wants to build on that land, a fire is the solution... tree will burn and land is free from law limitations... It is just an example on how things that happen and apparently seem to damage the victim of the incident, if it turns at his advantage, it is very possible that it is a self-induced damage.
When I saw the 9/11 incident I had some doubts, and whenever I see on the news of terrorist attacs, i ask myself "cui prodest?" the ancient latin saying that means "who gains from this?" and i get a flash of the truth...
May be I have seen too many films and serials of CIA, FBI, CSI, and similar?
Both balaji and Riccardo present the two sides of the coin. Our society is built upon violence. The state violence is the worst of all forms of violence. Can we meet this violence by violence? That is the question. Public opinion has to be mobilized as Balaji says through different means if only to highlight the IMPOTENCE of violence. Yes, bombs and all that have reasons behind them but could these be addressed by violence? Is one bomb sufficient to root out the violence ingrained in our social structure?
Talking does have some limitations that aggravate if words are not supported by action. At the same time, this is a slow process and words do have importance to that is true, we get frsttrated when we continuously wriite more of the same thing on this or other site, but if we go outside we realise that there is a need to not only act but do lot more talking too. " cui prodest" is the right question that we need to pose to everyone who professes violence.
Who gains from this? The right question to ask.

Many of us ask to ourselves. But, those indulge in such acts never seem to desist or listen to the rest of the world. I could see such tendency not only the pertpetrators of the 9/11 incident, but also of some internal affairs such as maoist attacks in India, and as you said, wild fires in the Americas.

CIA,FBI and other detective agencies may have to do some homework on this.
This article must be circulated...
I am so deeply disappointed in this forum. The last time I raised concerns about avoidance of truth regarding terrorism on the listserve, not one person agreed to review the evidence of terrorism being perpetrated by The US and other governments as a false flag operation to make citizens believe it was done by adversaries of that government. Thankfully most of those who stood against investigating the truth were polite. Those who have the courage to ask the hard questions about 9/11 need to review the website, a group having now OVER 1250 architects and engineers calling for a real investigation of 9/11.

All the respondents last time could hear was that I was defending bin Laden, a terrible misunderstanding. bin Laden is or was a terrorist, he just didn't do 9/11.The video where he admits to doing 9/11 is a scam.The person on the video is too fat.

There is an important place for Gandhians, however, It is to show other practitioners of nonviolent resistance that Gandhi's approach has greater potential power. Most of those who are arrested for a higher cause prefer to attempt to minimize or avoid a sentence using normal legal maneuvering. Gandhi felt it was important to suffer cheerfully (as in jail) to touch the hearts of one's adversaries.

My favorite Gandhi quote is "The satyagrahi enters the jail cell as the bridegroom enters the bridal chamber." I think most westerners would consider this as an attempt(successfully) at humor, but I'm not sure Bapu would agree.

I would be so pleased to find there is anyone in the world who practices this form of civil disobedience


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