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Solar Power Zero upfront investment, Zero maintenance obligations Guaranteed Savings from Day One

Greetings from INDIA Redefined.

In line with our commitment to a better environment and a greener world, we would like to introduce an interesting option available (through one of our technology partner company) to all corporate, institutional or commercial entities for availing the benefits of solar electricity with zero investments and immediate savings. Though this would be a business decision but we strongly feel that the benefits are not just monetary but result in improved public health and environment quality and enhance your economic, environmental and societal capital.

Solar Power

Zero upfront investment, Zero maintenance obligations

Guaranteed Savings from Day One

Primarily meant for commercial, industrial or institutional entities with a min. 100 KWp requirement, but can be considered for large housing societies too (with single point billing/metering).

This is a Singapore headquartered company which will install the solar power plant at their own cost and sell the entire power to the client (BOT model). Upon completion of the preliminary survey, it will sign a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for 25 years with fixed rates for the duration. The supplied solar power rate will be cheaper than the current tariff, leading to significant savings over the project’s lifetime. The escalation clause caters for about 3.5% to 4%, whereas 7% to 10 % is the industry norm. This will also help in eliminating or reducing the expensive DG power, bringing more savings.

A 3-tier Operations and Maintenance process ensures High Uptime.

Min. Size Requirements

Starting with a min. 100 KWp plant with a rooftop space requirement of 1200 sq. mtrs

Interested? Get a free assessment done by sharing following details -

1. Latest electricity bills (Last 2 months)

2. Google location

3. Latitude & Longitude

4. DG running expenses (monthly/ annual)

5. Weekly off details

6. Holidays details

7. Approx. rooftop area available

On receipt of these and a preliminary analysis, an inspection/ survey will be carried out. Thereafter the company will submit their proposal. Upon signing of PPA, the company will install the solar power project on the rooftop of client’s premises.

In addition to cost savings, a 100 kWp solar facility would:

- Reduce emissions by 3,450 MT of CO2 over the life of the plant, which,

- Has the same effect on CO2 emissions as reducing consumption of 25,500 barrels of crude oil

- Or planting 4,300 trees

For more details, contact +91-98202 52205 or

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