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Very close to the place I am staying at present,is Harijan Samaj sevak sangh,a place where Gandhi and Kasturba had stayed.And very close to that is a slum.I do not like calling it a slum yet the use of the word would make people understand what I intend to be talking.
Every morning around 4.30 -5.00,I see women walking in groups of two or three,carrying bags and picking rags- papers,plastic bags and other things from the road and the pavement.
An hour late ,I see them carrying,sometimes even pulling a big branches,iron rods etc and indeed their little filled bags.Out of curosity,I once stepped out for a morning walk and tried to walk along to ask a few questions.Oh! they were too busy and too fast in their walk to answer my queries.But then one of them said that they cannot afford to loose time because they had to collect and go back home and do their daily work.What work?

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Wh...thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing and giving it a thought.

We Indians are littering everywhere.. and we ought to pick it up every day! The question is "who would do that?"

For disciplinary reasons, one has to pick it up self. For political reasons, the government shall employ people to do that. For economic reasons, the under-privileged is doing it in many places as it feeds them and is better than "begging" for alms.

Everyone of us should think about it to do it in better ways. The support should come to them in the form of tools, machines, technology and money to do the work more efficiently. They shall be educated or trained to maintain a clean environment.


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