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Sabarmati Sangeet promotes Mahatma's bhajans

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HYDERABAD: It is true that Mahatma spoke in favour of music education and the need to make music a part of one’s life. Gandhi’s insistence on making music a part of everyday life was influenced greatly by his urge to spiritually awaken the masses. Without it, the entire educational system seems to me to be incomplete . . . Music pacifies anger and its judicious use is highly helpful in leading a man to the vision of God.

In pursuance of his ideal, DevanDrone, the members of Sanskriti, a voluntary culture promotion organisation have took up a project called Sabarmati Sangeet, through which they intend to promote the bhajans of Mahatma Gandhi.

Sabarmati Sangeet, they feel was forgotten in the melee of modernisation. The Sangeeth is so touching that it spreads tranquility in soul.

Great saints like, Meerabai, Tulasidas, Kabir, and Gurunanak wrote these songs. “We the members of Sanskriti took an oath to fill the gap by building a bridge between traditional and posh cultures. We designed this programme by taking very popular bhajans of Mahatma Gandhi and giving free training to those interested,” Vasudevan said.

All the compositions of DevanDrone have a universal music feel, with the roots of Indian classical background in them, which conveys to the world, how great our Indian music is. The name DevanDrone derives its name from the violinist Vasudevan, who is the leader of this group and the flutist Dronendra Phanikumar, partner in the group - the men who made their vision a reality.

They conduct workshop for kids from time-to-time.

For details contact: +91 9849874574.

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