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MAHATMA GANDHI, a renowned name that echoed the dreams of the common man is globally recognized with reverence as the distinguished theorist and practitioner of his philosophy. Gandhian philosophy is still relevant and has always been a topic of debate, discussion and deliberation especially in this contemporary scenario.

Keeping in view the historical perspective and the prevailing circumstances, we find the disturbing trends throughout the world. Now the question arises   ---What are the factors and forces responsible for this state of frustration and despair. It is widely accepted and recognized that the basic necessities of the common man must be fulfilled by the state, society and system. In the fast changing scenario, due to scientific and technological innovation, capitalism is gradually becoming an important wheel of the day. Gandhi’s concept of economic development which emphasize in developing the villages as an independent production and administrative unit has become more relevant in order to save from various socio-economic, ethical and emotional hazards which are the consequences of the social change leading to large scale industrialization, urbanization, modernization, sanskritisation and have become silent killers of the human race.

In view of the prevailing situation, an attempt has been made in the present paper to examine the relevance of  Gandhian philosophy. The focus of this paper is mainly on the following aspects:

(a)          Impact of  liberalization, privatization and globalization

(b)          Basic necessities for the survival and sustainability

(c)           Alternatives for the solution to the Developmental process.  



It is generally accepted that there is a lot of difference in the approach and mindset of the people  in the context of Gandhian philosophy.In the contemporary scenario, it is the need of the hour  that we should make an attempt  to propagate and promote the Gandhian  philosophy  of ‘ satya’ , ‘ahimsa’,and   ‘compassion’  for  enlightening and empowering the people with  prosperity in the peaceful world.


*Paper presented in the International Seminar on Non-Violence and Peace Studies,organized by Sridhar University ,Pilani  ;September 7-8,2013.

**Associate Professor & Head ,Dept of Political Science, SD College, Ambala Cantt, Haryana,India. ,_________________________________________________
















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He is relevant even today. We invite our peril by ignoring him.


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