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Mahatma Gandhi's vision was "A World without conflicts, Nations without borders and People committed to truth and nonviolence'. To realize thias all Gandhians should come together on a solid plat form and launch a campaign. I think European Union is a good beginning, but democracies around the world must shed their obsession with a multiparty parliamentary system on the Westminister model of Britain and change over to partryless democracy Pl refer to my blogs and discuss the merits and demerits of the system in your own country as compared to the Gandhian Republic..

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"The world is my country, and Mankind (humankind?) is my family" originated by Bahaullah, founder of the Bahai faith.
I have come across no simpler sentence to which I can subscribe.
I joined the Commonwealth of World Citizens at age 16, which seemed to want individuals from every country to join each other despite divisions and countries. It seems to have disappeared. Gary Davis was the founder, a person who had become 'stateless'. There are so many refugees, who are virtually stateless people. If they could organise, under the auspices of the UN initially, later they could be joined by 'internationalists' like me. What would their numbers be? They would require/need access to any country. Unfortunately they could not generate the 'power' by conventional means, but perhaps training in Gandhian non-violence would enable some of Gandhi's ideas to be formed.
Any further ideas?
The problem with the United Nations is that each nation, particularly 'democracies' act in their own self-interest, otherwise politicians will not get re-elected.
A Global Union of Gandhian Republic is the answer.Let us organize world citizens, strateless or not, into a Union of World Citizens.Elect a Parliament and form a government- a Gandhian Government- that will guide the Nations of the world to resolve their conficts and problems. Citizens living in Tamil Eelam of Sri Lanka, Cessnia of Russia, Palestine, Tibet and such entitites struggling for liberaton could join this Union and pursue their struggle in a non-violent Gandhian way to achieve their goal of self government if not independence. Register now as a Citizen of Gandhian Republic. Post your ideas and suggestions on this space.

Excellent idea. Sorry I did not respond before. I don't think that I was notified of your post.

Best wishes.


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