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I was reading some theories on Gandhi being an anti-semite.. For example on these websites and many more:

How do you guys feel about this?

I personally don't believe this. I did some research through Gandhi's letters, specially from 1938 til 1945 and I couldn't find anything wich leads to something explicitly anti-semetic. Still I am very curious to how these story's emerge and how others think about hem.

Any thoughts?



Liesbeth (the Netherlands)

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Please go through his substantive correspondence through 1920's with jewish groups and consider him to be a Zeitzeuge (time witness):




makes it clear he definitely was not a Jew-Hater (my definition of antisemitism, you should know that ALL Palestinians are semites). As a pacifist he tried, vainly to reason with Hitler to avoid a World War, the world had never experienced, Hitler wanted him murdered.

Some jewish groups hoped to get Gandhis support regarding creation of Israel as a 'Jew-Only' state in the HEART of Arab land, he refused it and compare the sensibility of India (secular democratic with a constitution) with the conditions of UN regarding the state of Israel which are still unfulfilled.

Mahatma Gandhi message is a message to all mankind. Also, he was not blind to the terrorism by some jewish groups during the creation of the state of Israel


Jew Albert Einstein (he exchanged a letter with Mahatma: Einstein_Gandhi), Hannah Arendt (another Jew) wrote in New York Times:


Hope, this helps to clarify.

Hi Liz,


In 1987 I organized an exhibition on Gandhi in Israel, jointly compiled by Palestinians, Israeli Jews and Indians, which displayed his stand toward Palestinians and Jews clearly:


When you go to Exhibition material > Quotations by Gandhi: English

and scroll down to his sayings about Jews and Palestinians you'll see that he had sympathies with both parties.


Hope this helps.


Regards,   Peter

Admin, GT

Danke Schön :-) Aikin has placed some links in his discussion..

This will prove that he was not anti-semite but never supported Israel's exclusive right to throw Palestinians out.

Wow thanks for the quik replys :)

I'm writing an essay on this subject and this is really helping me out thanks!


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