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Anyone with a garden can become part of this campaign.

Your own garden can have a section devoted to peace.

You do not need to be an activist.

It can appeal to people of all ages.

The idea appeals to everyone, not only those activists and intellectuals who seriously study and campaign

The original inspiration for this campaign was the plan for a Peace Garden in a naval city in the United Kingdom

Location: Portsmouth.U.K.

A Peace Garden has been proposed in the naval town of Portsmouth on the South Coast of the U.K.

The proposed location is an existing public open space, close to a Comunity Centre and cafe. At present discussions are ongoing.

It is also proposed that schools can have their own mini Peace Gardens if they have a little space in their grounds.

Mike Maybury, the man behind this initiative, is hoping that cities, towns and villages throughout the world research into Peace and Non-violence and use suitable images and stories in the planning of such Peace Gardens.

Such public open spaces may well serve, in the future, to inspire people of all generations to consider how best to achieve peace in our communities and the world, without resort to threats, intimidation and violence.

Rather than appealing only to keen activists, such Peace Gardens, just by being in well frequented locations in our cities and towns, may serve as a way to introduce people of all ages to the ideas of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and others who have used peaceful methods to solve disputes.

The original inspiration for Peace Gardens came from the non-violent campaigns of Mahatma Gandhi that led to the eventual freedom of India and Pakistan from British Colonial rule.

In your own garden at home you may wish to put aside a small space that will link with others spread throughout the world.

Gardens around religious or other buildings may well have a small area devoted to Peace. As time passes people will interpret peace in their own way which may be relevant to their own communities, but based, as always, on the principles of satyagraha or non-violence espoused by Mahatma Gandhi.

What do you think will be suitable images or symbols to include in such Peace Gardens?

What ideas do you have?

Could you persuade your village, town or city to have Peace Garden?

Could you form a group to raise funds?

Could you interest your children's school in having a Peace Garden?

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Well done!
That is a simple idea that any of us can do.
Hi Mike,

That sounds like a really interesting idea. I wonder if you would be interested inattending our community meeting in May and also perhaps presenting a workshop there on your idea. I have posted some information but I have also attached the preliminary invitation to this message.

Thank you for the kind invitation.
I am retired in a minimum income and cannot therefore consider travel to your meeting.
However,I have been working on the idea of Peace Gardens for 6 years now, and, if you feel that a written message would be of any use, I would happily send one.
Great, unique and I think each child should be motivated to plant a sapling and nurture it
Dear Sir, I think this is a wonderful idea! I will discuss it with some people here in our ashram, in Amritapuri, Kerala. There are a few nooks around, I hope we can foster that concept here...our ashram is a very busy place, its a world center under constant construction and reconstruction...but this is such a beautiful idea, I know Holy Mother Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) would love it.
As for symbols that should be kept in it...I love lillies...all sorts of lillies...I personally prefer to leave humanized conceptions of our Maker to personal imagination, rather than public view....bird baths are also nice....
Anyhow, thank you for a splendid idea.
Best! Aunty Kamala
I hope that you idea will inspire your visitors to create similar gardens in private and public spaces in their vicinity.
... I believe that the true garden of peace is in the soul.When one has discovered the inner self in him, everything around him should begin to look beautiful in the wonderful Garden created by God. Here every soul turns out to be an exotic plant sown nurtured and bloomed in the great canvass of time.


This link may be of interest-

why not contribute your ideas?

Peace Gardens are truly useful idea. I have just planted two rose plants in a small tank at the backyard. It is yet to be named as Peace Garden! If it resolves any dispute that would be great!


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