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We are doing a project comparing Bose's and Gandhi's methods to free india, towards the end we contemplate Bose's death. Any thoughts, did he die in the crash or live on to become a guru? please post your ideas.

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I think comments from Gandhitopia members may not help. One, there is ample literature available in printed form and maybe  online. Gandhitopia members too read such literature and write. if the project is serious you should go to libraries not on a social networking site like this one. If the purpose is to launch a debate and enjoy it, you are welcome to have all the fun in the world.

To be precise, Bose was keen on forming the Indian National Army (INA) to verge in to an armed fight with the British. He was working closely with Japan and other South-East Asian countries in this regard.

Around 1945,after second world war, he disappeared from the political scene.

But his INA got huge followers among youngsters from many parts of the country. In fact the slogan "Jai Hind" was first used by him and INA.

His death was recorded by the government after independence, not during the crash as many suspected.


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