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I do not know how much is known of it outside the USA but the "Occupy Wall Street" has been going on for some time now and it seems to be growing.


Link to one of its many websites here = Occupy Wall Street worldwide.

Link Youtube = Video: Police Pepper Spray Protesters


The thing is that Mahatma Gandhi is all inside and over top of the entire movement as so many people are no embracing the ideals of nonviolent civil disobedience into a new application, and it looks beautiful indeed.

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I've just watched the video showing seated, totally non-violent, students, being pepper-sprayed by a US policeman.

This policeman's behaviour is totally immoral, and his superior officer, or whoever gave the command should be prosecuted.

In Gandhi's time in India, as the struggle for India's freedom started, Indian police used violent blows to injure totally non-violent protesters.

After 50 years this country appears to have little regard for humans, protesting non-violently. Yet this same country seems to regard itself as better than other countries throughout the world.

I live in the United Kingdom, and think that there are restrictions on the ways that pepper spray is allowed to be used by police. It's clear what will happen next. Some protesters will obtain pepper sprays and spray police, possibly more effective than throwing stones. How foolish are some police forces.

I am aware.

I would be so pleased if Gandhiji's approach to civil disobedience was popular in the US, but I believe he is quoted but not understood by those getting arrested. I have not seen full reports of many arrests, but Americans generally plead not guilty when arrested and seek normal legal maneuvering to avoid a sentence. Gandhi pleaded guilty and cheerfully served time in jail, to touch the hearts of the adversaries.


My efforts to even discuss this difference are still suppressed in the US. If there are any Yanks who advocate Gandhi's approach,that is to say will join this attempt at discussion with those who disagree, please let me know. I can find none.

Mr David Slesinger:

I say you are misapplying the Gandhi doctrine in the USA, because Gandhi was against a foreign power (The British) occupying his India, but here in the USA we are Americans protesting against our own government and our own social Institutions.


Gandhi did not seek legal defense in Court because the Courts were not representing him or India because they were British Courts.

Americans view American Courts as their own.


In civil disobedience then one is only to fight against the wrongs and not against everything.

I remember Gandhi teaching his followers not to fight against the jail (gaol) system when they were incarcerated because Gandhi told them that the prisons would become their own after they took over India from the British.


The Gandhi principles need to be applied differently when the circumstances are different, and American citizens protesting against America is far different than India being against a foreign ruler.

We are working like mad to get Gandhian books into the hands of the kids here in America.  Mahatma Gandhi Global Library and Book Exchange, P. O. Box 295545, Lewisville, Texas USA 75029.

I don,t agree with you. We are ALL brothers and sisters and non violence means suffering for a cause



David you are right in your assessment of the words non violence. Non violence means SUFFERING for a cause which you totally believe in. No moaning about what blows are handed out to the participants. Accept whatever is dished out.

In many so called PEACEFUL demonstrations there is stone throwing or molotov cocktails used against the oppressor this is NOT NON VIOLENCE

Non Violence comes from your heart and soul and means your THOUGHTS  your WORDS   and  your ACTIONS.






It is great. We must learn from these incidences. How powerful that scene was in Gandhian era.

True... it looks beautiful indeed!!! everywhere, here in Italy as well, nonviolence is the choice of all indignatos and protesters that are filling the plazas of the continents... I often wonder if indian gandhians realize how much nonviolence is in action all over the world!!!

Can I highly recommend the writer Charles Eisenstein.Here are two links there is plenty online.

Here is a short youtube of Charles Eisenstein called : Occupy Wall St - The Revolution Is Love


and a longer talk on spiritual economics.



Be well,


Hello Steve,

I wanted to say thanks so much to you for posting this link. It's interesting, about a month ago I heard this disembodied voice speaking, about economics, the importance of the gift, connection with all life, etc., etc. -- I had no idea where it was coming from, but almost immediately became transfixed by what it was saying, and ended up listening to most of this talk (about 30 mins worth). 

I must have had a number of browser tabs open (this sort of thing does not happen to me often). It wasn't until a few days later, returning to this page, that I realized it must have been the video you posted that I was hearing!

Since then I have become a huge fan of Charles Eisenstein. I am now reading his book Sacred Economics, and regularly listening to his talks posted on Youtube, which are phenomenal.

These ideas are so profound and beautiful. So I wanted to say thanks a lot to you for introducing me to this! 

Namaste, Best Wishes,

Max Cooper


It is not true and it is unfair to claim the "Occupiers" do not suffer since surely they do.

And yes they have made mistakes including some acts of violence but they are adjusting their mistakes trying to do better each time.

One big difference is that the "Occupiers" do not have any one person as their leader as there is no Mahatma Gandhi leading their protest.

Perhaps in time one person might rise up, but that has not happened yet, so perhaps the entire "Occupy" movement is doomed to fail?

I am happy to hear that the Gandhi Library is making Gandhi books available, so there is still hope that the movement may gain some new inspirations.


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