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I do not know how much is known of it outside the USA but the "Occupy Wall Street" has been going on for some time now and it seems to be growing.


Link to one of its many websites here = Occupy Wall Street worldwide.

Link Youtube = Video: Police Pepper Spray Protesters


The thing is that Mahatma Gandhi is all inside and over top of the entire movement as so many people are no embracing the ideals of nonviolent civil disobedience into a new application, and it looks beautiful indeed.

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As a citizen of India, and as a citizen of the world we all inhabit, I offer one of Gandhi's most basic ideas to those Occupying Wall Street. India is the world's biggest democracy and the US is the world's most powerful democracy. I know the actions of the United States profoundly affect my country's future – but I also know the reverse is true...India gained independence without a war, something even the United States can't claim. This was largely due to Gandhi's understanding that the ends don't justify the means, the means are the ends; the means we choose dictate the ends we get. As this has come down to us, it is popularly understood as non-violence, but it went far deeper than that. After all, if actions are only against something, however unjust, the result will not satisfy people's need to see and taste and live and work for something that is just. Even if the negative effort wins, a new negative will replace it because a critical mass of people haven't learned to live in a positive way. Gandhi went so far as to say that civil disobedience is "worse than useless…without …constructive effort :)

It is great that Gandhi has a solution for your dilemma. The OCW needed a Gandhi then, now too.

I tried to watch the video but it is blocked due to some copyright problem. It is not the Police but the policing mentality that is playing a part here. The class that has everything wants to crush the small people. But I hope the "Occupy' movement has revived Gandhi.

Dear Friends,

To non-violent at all times is a precept in general.

Gandhi and King after him taught non-violent behavior in seeking redress of horrible crimes against humanity.

The Occupy Wall Street movement seeks for the 99% a larger cut of the imperialist pie to redress what it enjoyed in years before. Your servant tried in meeting after meeting, even OWS meetings of ministers, rabbis and Buddhists to at least have 'Stopping the killing by Americans overseas for Wall Street which Martin Luther King Jr. condemned.' or even "Peace' as one of the then 24 goals, as 'Housing,' Health Insurance,' etc. the answer was always of course we are against the wars and we all love King. Fellow musician friends did manage to set up a reading of King's 

'Beyond Vietnam - a Time to Break Silence' by yours truly on Christmas Day past (covered by CBS and AP and Wall St. Journal, but thereafter still did not want to set such a goal that would drive away support from the 35% within the 99% which support the wars and the even greater% which participates in the wars in one way or another.

Friends may google 'Occupation Wall St. Targets Stateside Injustice Not its Cause: Impe... for deeper insight and info. Blessings, jay janson at your service


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