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I am neither Indian nor Hindu, so I may be out-of-line to say this; but by suggesting that Narenda Modi is comparable to Gandhi he has declared himself an IDIOT.

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Hello Christopher,

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He insulted not only India but also humanity...he is a criminal...
Chris, you cannot accuse him of being what you say. I don't agree with you!
Dipak ~ I agree, insults are never appropiate. Nevertheless, I am reminded of the actor Martin Sheen. When a television interviewer confronted him and insisted that he apologize for publicly calling President George W. Bush a moron; the actor agreed with the interviewer and then apologized to morons for having compared them to Mr. Bush. Still inappropriate - but with a little humor this time!
Idiots of the world unite (against Chris)! You have nothing to lose but your brains (that is, if you think you have them!)
India does have an ever-lasting dilemma of who is Gandhi and who is not. And, politicians are no exception.


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