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If anybody could help me on the topic "Naxalites and Mahatma Gandhi"......

Kidnly help me....



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I believe that Mahatma Gandhi invented and applied the concept of Non-violence for freedom struggle and for civil-rights in a large scale mainly due to the extremist forces who have their own way of violence to achieve the goals. The extremism in attaining goals and objectives is taking ugly shapes nowadys and hence, naxalism, terrorism, Maoism etc..

Achieving the goals through non-violent means, not by violent means should the naxalites learn from Gandhian ideals.
The path is more important than the gains for everlasting fruits of a task.
Bapu was only leader who planned economic movement along with struggle for independence or political movement. That was his key to success and that was solution, although we are ignoring now. Naxalite problem can be tackled by planning rural economic strengthening while dealing politically. That is only option....


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