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I am looking for fellow loving humans to end pain and restore a life of Truth and Love for all beings.

Hello. My name is Gavin Lake. I am a Writer, a Musician and an Artist. At 24 I was living a life of drugs, lies and pain. One morning after a night of heavy drug consumption I felt my soul forced from my body down wards towards the earth. I heard torments from a being other than myself cursing me for every lie I ever told and every need I had ever deprived. I wasnt evil, I wasnt bad but I had made a lot of mistakes and for these I repented with all that was left of me. I then felt my soul return to my body and felt the Love of God Inside me. I had been forgiven. I Thanked God and over the following few days I had deep truths bestowed on me. I learned to love we must speak only the truth to eachother and that all pain was the result of lies. That Love is our only need and that we cannot own what is around us. I learned that we cannot punish people for hurting us and that pain does not stop pain. I learned that all life is one and we must love it and never deprive any of its needs. That means no eating or using animals, No law, No money and no power to be given over any being. This is Love. This is our need. I am here to meet other people who are loving to talk about truths they have found and discuss them in detail and then put in place a plan to bring about a painless world that free from lies, force, control and deprived needs. Thankyou for reading. All my Love Gavin.

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There is lots of information available, free from libraries.

I'd like to suggest that, before you try to convert the world, you rebuild your body with a balanced natural diet, avoiding sugar, white flour, pastry, red meat and fried foods.

Drink plenty of water and fruit juices as well as smoothies. Eat a salad each day if possible. Plenty of vegetables and fruits should form the main part of your diet. Simple foods like peanut butter and yeast extract on wholewheat bread are very tasty and nourishing.

From your brief 'encounter with truth', you seem to have condensed a lot of messages in one muddles whole. I assume that you must have read and discussed many of  these things before. However fantastic and original our brains are, they need to absorb ideas from others. You seem to have regurgitated, in one paragraph, many years input of information, albeit in a rather muddled form.

I was lucky enough to come across Yoga at age 14, and gradually learnt, mainly from books etc. ideas from other people- too many to list- which I gradually incorporated into my thinking and living. Now, at age 76, I can look back on a life that is certainly better and more enjoyable than that I've ever read about. Freedom from aches and pains and very few illnesses in 60 years seems better than most peopole achieve. Interaction with other people is achieved in many different ways; you clearly seem to have some of the skills necessary. Vowing never to return to chemical drugs may be a good start for you. You know how bad you can feel; perhaps you can use that to encourage others to remain drug free.

A little hint- the world revolves around love, unfortunately perverted by institutions, governments and some people.

Hello Mike thankyou for your contribution. I agree whole heartedly with what you are saying. The first thing I started with when i came to know the truth was to change my diet. I became vegan instantly and vowed never to inflict pain on a living being again. As far as yoga goes I know nothing about it but I will look into it today and yes the whole world does revolve around Love but Micheal where I am from I have found non. There is a lot of hate and lies where I am from and a lot of satanism which creates a very dark atmosphere to live in. I have joined this site and others in the hope of finding more loving people to do something about the pain in the wortld today.
Thankyou and all my Love Gavin.


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