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This post is by a human rights activist/journalist in Kashmir.  She is Rotary Peace Fellow. She has an expert knowledge of human rights violations.  The situation there is a mirror to the Indian and Pakistan people. What would Gandhi do in this situation?  What can Gandhians do to support the people of Kashmir?

This is my blog below that I produced some weeks ago. My friends husband was arrested for peaceful protest. Increasingly peaceful protest is labelled terrorism.  What do you think as a GandhiTopia group can be effectively done to ensure nonviolence is deeply established.  I'd be interested in your views. I've noticed this forum is not very active so I am hoping that people are working together for peace.

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No comments. Peace.

Why did you feel to say that?  Do you thinkGandhi would write no comments? Or would he embrace all subjects as opporutities to discuss nonviolence?  How does one discover truth without dialogue?

Hi Susan,

I think you bring up important issues such as - what do Kashimiris want? And how can the broader world get unpoliticized news about what goes on in Kashmir?

I am not an expert in the history and sociology of Kashmir. While I find the Gandhian perspective of freedom and peace to be an important voice in this situation, there are other factors that have led to the Kashmir today. Unfortunately, Kashmir sits at a strategic geo-political point and it seems unlikely that there can be peace until India China and Pakistan have peace amongst themselves. There are self-interests of these countries involved, no doubt about it. But, there is also the real question of: will Kashmir be allowed to be independent? It pains me to see the violence in Kashmir. But I also don't think it is prudent to adopt a political position without fully analyzing the situation - the economics, the politics, the security. And Gandhi certainly had the same prudent approach.

Dear Indraneel,

Great to hear from you.  I agree with your thoughts. 

However I feel to convey the inspiration of difference and freedom is that we can all bring in perspectives and it is okay to take political positions as part of that diversity. I would only offer there that people not demonise and they explain their position with honesty.

I am into peace so for me I am on the side of love and truth. I am on the side of empathy.  That means if I stood in their shoes how would I feel?  If people are suffering how do they empower themselves to find the peace that enables them to shine their light on living independence even before it happens? The challenge for Kashmir is to not become tyrannical in its anger, to not become radicalised in its pain and frustration. India has a history similar to the Kashmiri's with the British, can they have the courage to go back into a collective memory and find where they understand the Kashmiri's? Where they meet? 

Yes the geopolitical, economic aspects are there but what really changes the world comes from a heart based consciousness.  This I would call the rising feminine (this is not female it is compassion, nurture and love). This has been suppressed for centuries. 

From a spiritual perspective I believe you can go into a deeper aspect of yourself and find answers. When we tap into the virtues of humanity we all can arise as Gandhi did. Virtues naturally lead us to unity as we are the one family. He experienced hardship as he faced discrimination and brutality with truthfulness and patience. However, whilst a prolific writer and thinker it was his love of truth as god that became the power that changed the world. The real question is - what is your truth? Some regard it as perspectives, beliefs, analysis or reality (what is now).  What is love? Does this share, care, reveal and heal? What would love do next? To speak words of unity and love for all can move mountains. Perhaps the real key here is finding peace within and change happens. This is not the typical approach to conflict as we see issues outside of ourselves not driven by powerlessness within. I believe Gandhi was looking within (truth, love) to see all as brothers and sisters and trust inspiration. Perhaps we start there. We have great examples to be inspired by.

Much love and appreciation for your comment.  Perhaps you can provide that economic, political and security discussion to educate and inform as a stepping stone?

Best wishes,



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