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Hello everyone,
I'm Nicolò, I'm Italian and in June I'm going to accomplish my high school graduation. I decided to write my term paper focusing on Gandhi: I've been volunteering in India for three moths and there I had the canche to realize what he did for India and for the whole world. He's such a great inspiration. That's the reason why I'm going to prepare my final exam focusing on his character and struggles and achievements.
Now, the subject in my high school are: English, French, Spanish, philosophy, history, art, science and maths. How to tie these matters to the subject? I have already chose some of them but for the majority I don't know what to do: the Western curriculum, except for history, differs largely from the life of Gandhi.
Thank you in advance,

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Dear Nicolo,

Well, it is great that you openly come up with your skeptics about Gandhi and your practical life. I assume that you are in a perplexed state of mind on how to see Gandhi, his life and his ideologies while living in a modern world where we learn matters totally different from Gandhiji.

I would frankly say that you are not alone in this world who has such a dilemma. Yet, many have got inspiration from his life to tackle the intrinsic values of the one's self and his surroundings. As you are currently preparing a term paper on Gandhi, you might focus on his life and one or many of the aspects such as nonviolence, truth, vegetarianism, simplicity, satyagraha, political leadership, sarvodaya etc.. etc.

The study of Gandhi, at the foremost, is for self-realization and to imbibe the best of the qualities one could possess in his life. It is a science of life and its matters. It is a philosophy one could rely on at times of despair and when left hopeless and helpless in the modern society which has traces of violence, unorganized and uncivilized living. It is a leading light that shows you a direction of setting up of your future. With this light of search, you see other things like  history, art, science or maths, in a different perspective and can give it a novel or innovative touch to it. Again, it could do any kind of wonders in relation with other matters. Anyways, it is up to you to make it colorful.

I have a IT background in my education (B.Sc, MBA, PGDBA) but still I am trying to see Gandhi in my own perspective. I would like you to read my "The Techno-Gandhian Philosophy" in my website

Hope this piece of advice helps you in arriving at a clarification. If you have any questions, feel free to write to me.


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