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Hats off to Team Anna!!!! Anna Hasare’s victory contributed a fresh energy to Gandhism & public. Once again Gandhian ‘Satyagraha’ experimented successfully and it discussed national & international level with it’s prime importance. The middle class & common people supported Hasare under the national flag without any political/religious/local discrepancies. Govt delayed the discussion due to their week diplomatic policy. Here Team Anna worked as a corrective force. This triumph proven that ultimately people are the supreme authority in a democracy and not the parliament. People can change everything…

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This was a much needed movement and people supported with enthusiasm. However, I think, there are some problems in calling it a perfectly Gandhian movement.  Gandhiji would use restrained language and would never have made venue an issue. Of course I join you in saluting Anna Hazare.
Thank you, The public support & Gandhiyan touch of the movement was the reason of the success absolutely...


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