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New research results: It was possible by the Digital Edition of The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi: I found a simple new approach to explain satyagraha for Westerners in a new book, based on his notion of the "soul". Later, I compared it with a Christian and an atheist conception.

"Power of Goodness" - German: Gütekraft - translates Gandhis ideas about satyagraha better than "nonviolence".

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Dear Jessie,

WOW means something ist astonishing.

I would like to understand what is astonishing for you in my mail?

Salaam! Shalom!


Arun Gandhi landed on "civil resistance," as being the essence of satyagraha. Just FYI. Your interpretation looks good too.

Thank you.

For this statement, did you have a look on the short English texts on

If is it correct that you run a library and a book exchange: Are there people around you who read German and may be interested in my new results on satyagraha?

We're trying to get the library off the ground with reading rooms all over the earth.  No German's in the mix yet, but I'd love for you to be the German "goto guy."  I'm expecting a dozen titles to distribute any day.  The expected path is to mail out books I purchase and those that are donated to anyone who asks.  One book per person, until they are returned to the library for re-mailing to another person.  I'm planning to put about $2,000 of my own capital into the venture per year, while I'm in college, with no expectation of a financial return.  The only way we make mature Gandhians is for them to read Gandhian ideas, and this is the only path to a mature world.

When did you start to try to get the library off the ground?

Who is "in the mix" so far?

What do people "in the mix" do?

I did not understand: "donated" and "returned to the liberary"?

Actually, my teacher here on Gandhitopia, who is going chapter-by-chapter with me in "Hind Swaraj," inspired the library and reading room idea. It's starting in front of your eyes, it seems.

I've been pitching the reading room idea to a few local libraries, but I am waiting for my first book shipment to arrive to go press the matter with top leadership.

If you have books you would like to donate to the cause, I'm happy to review them for the library/ book exchange.  If they fit our agenda, I'll mail them out at my cost to students, etc.  

If readers return the book to the library when finished, they are eligible to receive another book.

"In the mix," means that you would be a European location where this library could operate with the same mission for German speakers/ readers, for example.  It's a cooperative idea to get the message out about Gandhian ideas.  If I needed a German version of a book, you would be the place I'd look first.  If you needed a special title in English, I'd be the best place to find it, I'm sure.  That's the idea.  The ultimate result is an expansive system of libraries and reading rooms around the world for Gandhian ideas.  Kind of like "Gandhitopia," harp copy.

Should have read, "Kind of like "Ganditopia, hard copy."

Nonviolence, originally called as Ahimsa, has the roots even before Gandhi. Satyagraha is about holding on to the truth and readiness to suffer, sacrifice for the cause of the truth one is seeking for.

Isn't the Goodness force mean just about being good to others? Does it connect to Gandhi's (Sarvodaya) "Welfare for all" rather than Ahimsa and Satyagraha.

Your approach is innovative but I am not fully clear about it. My best wishes for the success of your event.

I detected Gandhis view of how satyagraha works and the views of two other protagonists and, by comparison, I translated for Westerners the main elements of satyagraha for a better understanding. The attitude of being good to everybody and the attitude of holding on to truth /justice are essential. Acting in this way is strong. "goodness" means "being good to other people" and "(something) being good = of high quality = nearer to truth than things of lower quality". Violence is of lower quality than goodness-force/satyagraha. Both meanings of goodness show constituting elements of the strength of satyagraha. -->„Goodness-force“!


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