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In inclusive population growth providing food and water is toughest challenge that most of the countries are facing today.  Changing climate conditions leads to challenges in agriculture production and food security all around world. Most of African countries facing savior challenges in agriculture production and climate change will be likely to reduce the length of growing season as well as force large regions of marginal agriculture out of production. Projected reductions in yield in some countries could be as much as 50% by 2020, and crop net revenues could fall by as much as 90% by 2100, with small-scale farmers being the most affected. This would adversely affect food security in the continent.  About 25% of Africa’s population (about 200 million) currently experiencing high water stress and it could be increased by 75-250 million and 350-600 million by 2020’s and 2050’s. Similarly in Asia there is 2.5 to 10% and 5 to 30% decrease in crop yield in 2020’s and 2050’s compared with 1990 level without CO2 effects. Food security and water stress in most of continent can become the cause of geopolitical peace conflict. At the local level policies could help to solve these global challenges. The Gram Swaraj philosophy centric to policies at nuclei of national structure that’s villages. Conservation practices in daily life mentioned into Gram Swaraj leads to Jal Swaraj (Water Sovereignty), Beej Swaraj (Seed Sovereignty) which provides the about 10% conservation into water as well as food.

How all of you are seeing this please provide your inputs!

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