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I had a question.. How does one teach or inculcate Gandhian values to todays generation? I work with a lot of young people and I disheartened with their attitudes sometimes... 

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Dear Mr. Prasad..

I appreciate what you are saying.. You are bang on when you say our actions should speak for us and that is what I am trying to do... but there are days when one questions things... the question arose in my mind when I saw apathy amongst young people and was amazed by their immense attraction to all things material..

I in no way think that I want to change them or anything of the sort.. but to have sensitivity towards others is inherently lacking in them.. and I was wondering why that happens and how one crosses over to becoming a more sensitive person...

I was a typical urban child and had a very affluent urban life.. a few experiences/reading Gandhi changed my perception of life and since last 6 years or so.. I have moved to small village and am trying to understand rural realities..

Thank you for your msg and all the best with your endeavours
Dear Purvi,
Let me say first of all I greatly respect your calling as a teacher of young people and having concern of Gandhian values being lost. I can only relate from experience of creating an approach that challenged young people aged twelve to sixteen years by using my great love of sailing to benefit them. This led them into their thinking deeper about life while enjoying the great world of sea, sky and wildlife surrounding them. They experienced life in a reality shake up that changed them to mature young adults accepting responsibilities never before dreamed of. I do not know what Indian equivalent would be required to challenge your young people but no doubt there are opportunities to research challenging programmes and maybe find a sponsor or sponsors to underwrite them. The great need for young people to adopt the precious values of the great man is so necessary and I applaud your concern at this time.
Hi Mr. Glen,

I am not a teacher at all.. sorry if I came across as that.. I am an explorer myself and as I mentioned in my earlier msgs.. some interactions with young people made me think of this question.

Thank you for your message.. I think what you did with using sailing to was wonderful.. I would love to hear more about it. How you saw the students evolve before and after the experience.

Thank you for your message..

Best regards
Dear Purvi,
Thanks for your interesting reply describing yourself as an explorer like myself. The children aged twelve to sixteen years old came from Glasgow and were described by authorities as 'anti-social'. Having myself, been born and raised in the poorer area of Glasgow I wanted to know the reasons behind their behaviour. I was interested in sailing and found a sponsor who met the cost of a large sea-going vessel. Treating the anti-social crew to challenging programmes at sea with practical lessons that developed their minds to constructive thinking.Soon they sailed the vessel themselves under simple supervision and went back to schooling with a purpose that suprised their teachers as many had not attended for some time. This has continued since 1974 and although I can not do the work myself there are other volunteers who are supported to carry on working with teenagers with the support of the Trust started in 1974. Great times indeed with beautiful hills and mountains all around the Scottish sea lochs that stretch far and wide.and wildlife abundant that amazed the City young people time and again. This work led me to understand the reality of our existence and I continue to explore like yourself. Regards,Tom.
WOW!! I am blown away .. what a fantastic story!! I wish I could come a learn to live on the sea.. sounds very exciting and challenging I am sure.

It is a pleasure to know you Mr, Glen and I hope we can get to know each other more.. I am sure you teach me a fair bit.

Best Regards and looking forward to getting to know you better
Dear Purvi,
Thanks for your reply, maybe you can tell me more of yourself and your findings as an explorer of life.
Kind regards
Hello again..

Well mine is a simple story.. I was a typical urban child.. typical urban life... I have a Masters in Environmental Management and so I was gain exploring the kind of work I would be most interested in .. along came a research project for which I had to spend a considerable time with the tribal communities.. this I think was a turning point of my life.. it was such a learning and humbling experience.. and from then on.. I think I was more conscious of my actions. I started reading Gandhi.. and one thing lead to another and 5 years ago I moved to a small village to experiment in sustainable living and organic farming.. and here I am !! Learning how to live a simple life and contribute to whoever's wellbeing I can in any shape or form.. I do not go out of my way to look for people or issues to help.. but since a village is a small community .. one tends to end up contributing..

So I see my self as still learning ... learning how to deal with things as Gandhi would have with respect for all and compassion. I am no where near it though. h ah a.. I have a long way to go before I am anywhere close to being a good Gandhian.. but I just think with the privileged life I have had.. its time to give back. My life has to have some meaning.. I can not go through life just consuming material things and be in a rat race to be on top of things!!

So .. sorry to go on.. Can I know a bit about you now??

Thank you.. looking forward to hearing from you..

Dear Purvi,
I am interested to hear of your involvement in the supportive work following your Masters Environmental Management degree and your village project of living and farming. You have definitely found a reality path that will lead you onwards with Gandhian principles to support and guide you. My own lifetime has been divided like other children in Glasgow who had secondary education until fourteen years of age then took up a trade for five years. Working through lessons at night school took me forward to classes at Glasgow School of Art then I started business for twenty years and found myself in the rat race that you mention and like yourself, considered life had to have a greater meaning and went on to pursue charitable work with poorer young people. The sea and wide skies above, with fifty-six young crew every month was the reality path that I found, like your self. Twelve years ago I then experienced a spiritual awakening that changed my thinking by seeing a greater reality through the workings of the mind. . The path referred to is recognizing that any individual’s brain has a spiritual gateway which, when stimulated by spiritual acts, such as caring for others then the remainder of the brain can be compared with an unused desert area, that is then made fruitful by the understanding of reality. Hence my contact with GandhiTopia to learn of different cultures and find friends likes you.
Kind regards

its excellent, great job.

I have painted a painting on Gandhi's life showing 111 events, it is 42 x 4.5 fits and in oil colour. I unroll and exhibit in parts and narrate about Gandhi and his teachings and life. I did a few shows and young people were very enthusiastic. Now I shall be doing shows in Australia and will observe the reaction. 

The method is useful as people see, hear the narration and ask questions. I believe it is better then only lecture.



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