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who do you think had the most influence on the british?

which one really got the british out of india? 

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Who is Bose?

please Do search for "Subhash Chandra Bose" on Google.

Thank you.  This Bose fellow seems very troubling from a Gandhian perspective.  I will never seek out such advisors for my work against Keynesian-Marxism here in the USA.

The question forces someone to compare these two great nationalists of their time. Both sacrificed their everything for the Nation. Both succeeded in their motives at the end with only difference that one could not see it in his life(I refuse to accept that such a great personality can live away from his country in his even slight of conscience) and other could see a freedom to which even he could not accept in form we achieved. People do talk about their differences but have anyone thought that Subhash Chandra Bose respected Gandhiji as others who said to be his followers and well wishers.

The Ideologies may be different, but the goal was freedom of nation. Yes I do accept that India would have got freedom much before if there would have been bit liberality in their ideology to accommodate each others. 

Not going in to details, I would like to say, both contributed their all for nation and indeed became biggest threat for British Empire till their life. Threat was only influence that worked against British Empire at that time. One got it with nonviolence a way of his own, another fought with British with their own arms.

God bless them both. 

Gandhi, of course!

However, my answer based on historical reality cannot conceal my great respect for Subhash Chandra Bose and his patriotism.

Let us not forget that it was he who FIRST  addressed the Mahatma as 'father of the Nation' from a clandestine radio in Japan. 

Let us also not forget that Bose's strategy of defeating the British ended just as it began, because, neither Japan nor Germany were interested in moving towards India. 

In fact, every news on Bose's activity enthused people in India and gave a boost to the mainstream movement led by Gandhi.

In a country as vast and as diverse as India, only the strategy of mass mobilization can succeed. It was true in the past, it is true today.

The contribution of every Indian played a great role in the movement. I would like to elaborate only two things which defines the love and affection of Subhash Chandra ..

The Brigade of Azad Hind Fauj was named ' Gandhi Brigade'

Netaji resigned from the President-ship of INC in 1939 because Gandhi ji was not in favor. 

There was difference in ideologies yet their goal was freedom and didn't compromised with mutual respect.

Indeed none could do it... Of course Bose tried his best...

After britainwoods agreement of western powers gave freedom to their imperial colonies... and the started subtle and dangerous form of imperialism by controlling currency & Market namely GLOBALIZATION...

I wonder how could most of the countries got freedom around 1950, all of the sudden devilish western mind, showered symapthy on others.

devilish western mind: not refering to the common man but to the central bankers & co-orporates (even of india)

To know more.. research zeitgeist movement... everything is scientific & rational there..(Find out how WTO, World Bank and IMF work.. what is their relation with corporates & other central banks) unlike people here who justify abolishing of non-cooperation (or freedom in 1920) by 20 deaths and justify acheivement freedom in 1947 which resulted in partition, crores of deaths & rapes.. and still we are suferring..


With humble respect to Gandhiji, I claim that British feared Bose more than anyone...

After INA was crushed, mutiny started all over India in Army, Navy.. (I am not saying this by reading articles some where, you can find in news papers of that time).. Bombay, Vishakapatnam, Madras, Kolkatha and in many other major cities army and navy revolted and formed JACs...

Mean while bretton woods agreement was signed in 1944; which promised western countries & corporates their hegemony & power.. So brtish thought any way time to give freedom all world countries, so they proclaimed freedom to india.. to supress the enemity..

India never won its freedom, but it was given freedom.. Thus some people say Gandiji was sustainer of their imperialism in India.. As he supported brtish in many wars including world war I & II; but never advocated striking against british with weapons...

I do not know what you mean by 'winning the freedom' and 'being given the freedom'. There are always          objective conditions present outside any historical event. Such conditions do make an impact on the main event. So, it is nothing like 'given'. By what you say, if you meant fighting with weapons and winning it, it hardly matters because the objective conditions would still be there.

Suppose a king is defeated in war by his neighbour kingdom it is not only armed superiority that comes into play, there are always other non-armed factors for example, betrayal, spies, famine and crumbling economy, people's dissatisfaction etc. These help the outside power win the war. We cannot ignore such factors but, at the same time cannot say that it was all.

There is a tendency among a minority of motivated scholars to belittle the Gandhian movement by saying that there were some other reasons that forced Britain to give freedom to India. In historical terms it hardly matters and cannot take away anything from Gandhian movement.

I doubt if the British were frightened of Subhashbabu. Shri Negi in his comment below has rightly pointed out to Bose's efforts to enlist support of Hitler. Was it  a wise move?

The Navy Ratings' revolt had nothing to do with it. There was no revolt in army. True, Britain could not have continued to occupy India beyond what it did due to mounting pressure and its own problems.

Some ademently quote that, gandhiji was not interested in this false freedom.. (if it was true, I like this action of Gandhi).. at 1947 Aug 15, Gandhiji denied to join the celebration at delhi, instead went to kolakata, stopping riots, and stated the power lust people are just replacing british, don't blame me for this false freedom & democracy...


Have you ever wondered why Aug 15th? (if you dare to find, some of illusions might shake)

What was Chadrashekar Azad doing in alfred park (Alahabad), when he was attacked before his death?

What if non-cooperation was continued, whether India would have partitioned?

Was contribution of revolutionaries zero in struggle?

How many revolutionaries laid there life?


Yeah I admit:

Throwing bomb in assembly was un-called-for but bhagath has point, and rationally it can't be denied...

Chandrashekar azad plotted escape for bhagath before his trial, but bhagath denied and wished to die to wake-up the dreaming & sleeping idiots of india. But sincerly I feel it was mistake to have any expectations on the conciousless indians...

Friendship with Nazis was extream, but underthose circumstances I go with bose.. I shall shake hands with even demons to get rid of British, that was motto. If we would have paid those high taxes, and beaten in failure, if our homes are seized, if our parents were killed & suffered then we would have felt the pain; till then its hard to analyze & scrutinize "if it was right move to seek help from nazis"..

Trust me by reading stories & watching movies one can't really understand how deepen, how much frustrating & sad were the conditions...

I would say the people. People, all of who came together as one. And Gandhi, for being the prime actor in bringing the people together.

Additionally, with due respect, for me what pegs Bose down, is the fact that he was willing to take the help of Hitler. How could he even think of that!


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