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Perhaps no one can disagree with my following summarisation-

Terrorism : Spiritualism :: Bin Laden : Mahatama Gandhi

Therefore can we discuss an imaginary scenerio as under:

What would have happened if Bin Laden loaded with all kind of assault weapons would have landed before the unarmed, half naked fakir like Gandhi ?

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Isn't it interesting that this thread, started by viduur with only two words, two names and a hypothetical question - has grown to over 80 posts? Why? Is it the reference to the controversial Bin Laden? The comparison with Gandhi? The hypothetical question? Chance? Fate?
Hello Chris, After a long time you are back. You are right. Laden engages attention of all. The juxtaposing Gandhi and Laden itself is bad. I was the very first person to respond to this hypothetical question. Now it has turned into something else. Our friend David firmly believes in certain evidence and I have suggested in my post that the evidence should be presented to a court of law and make US government explain it. I believe, it is a legal issue. An enquiry commission too can help but that will require some doubts in the minds of the present rulers about the role of Bush Administration. So, nobody is going to appoint a commission. The only way is to go to court.
I have made my opinion clear that American people disbelieve the official theory out of cynicism. I have said I am not impressed by what our friend David Slesinger calls incontrovertible evidence. but he, like me has right to hold fast to his belief and I think I should not interfere with his right. I wish him success.
Efforts ARE being made on the court front. One effort is by in their efforts recently announced to convince some prosecutor to covene a grand jury to charge fraud against National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) World Trade Center (WTC) project director Shyam Sundar (an immigrant US citizen from India) and NIST official John Gross.

Another is a misprision of treason campaign. I am unhappy with this campaign because it violates the aspect of nonviolence which I describe as making sure the adversary has no personal fear of one's actions. The challenge should be moral rather than physical. Also, since the government has a legal monopoly on violence, appeals to government action cannot be considered nonviolent.

In addition, there has been use of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which has met with limited success. The most capable user of this technique is Aidan Monaghan found at I seem to remember he was able to find out that one or maybe more of the planes hadn't been in use for an extensive period of time before 9/11/01.

I also need to mention that it is unlikely any member of the bench would act in good faith considering the massive powers they would be threatening.

All these legal efforts, like the lobbying effort I will be coordinating for AE911Truth, could still be of value if and when the consciousness of the public is sufficiently raised.

The primary issue is the unwillingness of people of good faith, such as you good folks, to address our best evidence.

Please comment of the symmetrical collapse of WTC7, a 47 story steel and concrete skyscraper never hit my a plane.

It does matter what you, Dipak, think of the evidence, if you oppose imperialism as Bapu did. Richard's extensive travels have been described above. He has recently been invited to China and South Africa. Why not eventually India?
Dear Christopher,

Actually it is not any Chance or fate etc...but very much considered opinion & in-depth analysis, when I analysed the phenomenon of Terrorism in the aftermath of 9/11. The letter sent by me to US Prez on the Gandhi Jayanti i.e.Oct 02, 2001contain the genesis of my studies on these 4 words or Phenomenon (Laden, Gandhi, Terrorism & Spiritualism). I have found the solutions also too early by 2003, and warned Americans that WaT ( war against Terrorism) can't be won by the help of Nukes. But who can teach "Proud or Arrogant Americans", not even Lord krishna (what to think of a Mahatama like Gandhi), if take a Avatar today.However, I published the total analysis & solutions in a book in 2006 named as "Hindulogy & America", which I can make it available to anyone instantly(free of cost), as I have pdf version also.

(Copy of my letter wrote to US Prez on Gandhi's Birthday in 2001)

Sub: Terrorism Vs. Spiritualism

Date: 10/03/2001 3:44 PM EST
Author: Atul Mehta (
I sent the following message to US Prez on the occassion of Mahatma Gandhi Birthday on 2 nd October. Kindly convey yr views,if any.

Hon'ble President,

United States Of America,

White house,

Washington D.C.


Respected Sir,

Suddenly the whole world has realized the challenge posed by the terrorism on 11th Sept,2001 although many people and nations were aware of this evil since last 2/3 decades.

By the grace of God some idea flashed into my memory which I would like to submit before you.

Terrorism is just opposite to Spiritualism.One thrives on hatred of our mind while the other can be realized only when our heart is full of love and compassion .If any BL symbolizes terrorism today then the figure and persona of our beloved late Mahatma Gandhi and Mother teresa was also synonymous of love and compassion.

Destruction of WTC is one of the greatest tragedy but the world is trying to make it an opportunity to end the menace of terrorism.Rarely in our history such moments come when we see near unanimity on any matter across the globe.US Govt. looks very sincere and cautious to ensure this opportunity is not wasted but still exploring the political options and military actions only.

Is it not the time when we should look forward for some innovative and alternative approach to meet this unprecedented challenge which has not been posed by any religion or nation but by omnipresent evil thought symbolized by a few persons???

If we have WSC at the same spot where the tall and gorgeous WTC was standing a few days ago then we can hope our future generations will draw the inspiration to end all evils from our globe in a collective manner.World Spiritual Centre at the most busy spot of our globe can really provide a moment to the tired humanity to think about their future directions.Where to go now??????

There can be no better point on our earth where we can have such a memorial-where the blood of the persons of all nationalities and religions have conglomerated.

For construction of such a memorial funds may be collected from every willing nation,religion,corporate, person , however small and token amount he may like to donate for such a nobel cause .

If you kindly agree with above then I would like to make a detailed presentation to make our small and unique world terror-free and evil free.

With best regards,

Sincerely yours,




Copy to:

1.Hon'ble Vice-President,USA

2.Hon'ble First-Lady,USA

3.Secretary state,USA
Sorry you were deceived at that time. Most of us were. I give you a loving challenge: Why isn't the symmetrical collapse of a 47 story steel and concrete skyscraper which wasn't hit by a plane sufficient evidence to show that it was felled by controlled demolition and thus part of a false flag operation?
Allow me to set the Gandhi/bin Laden comparison next to a comparison of the work of Leo Tolstoi with that of horror writer HP Lovecraft, a chronicler of internal desolation.They are so far apart that the purpose escapes me. Better to compare Tolstoi with Dostoyevski, someone who tried to show the depth of the human spirit.

The valuable comparison with Gandhi is to nonviolence advocates who do not share Gandhi's commitment to be concerned with the spiritual progress of his adversaries.
//I would hate to think Gandhitopia is primarily populated by people with no interest in emulating Gandhi.// David

Similarly many people like me hate to see more & more Americans are taking pride in defending a Terrorist like Bin Laden. I argued with Americans many a times in last 8 years, and each time I felt if Laden agrees to contest the Presidential Elections in US then no Clinton, Bush or Obama will have a chance for the top Job.

Defending Bin Laden is not very different from "Destroying America" or "Destroying the Humanity & Planet".

We can only debate how to win the WaT ( War Against Terror) so that future generations live in Peac. But when Americans are also falling in Love with Laden then where is the scope of having any meaningful debates as such...
I say we need to remember that the idea of "peace" was not a Gandhian principle, because Gandhi preach civil disobedience and non cooperation and not peace.

So having "peace" is fine, but only if there is justice and truth on top.

That is the way I see it.
There is much merit to this point. I often urge people planning protests to refrain from describing the protest as peaceful. They should describe it as nonviolent so the authorities can't attack them AND make them liars at the same time.
This is the correct interpretation. Peace at any cost was not Gandhi's aim.
Thanks for your comment. If you have already responded to my next request, please accept my apologies.

I give you a loving challenge: Why isn't the symmetrical collapse of a 47 story steel and concrete skyscraper which wasn't hit by a plane sufficient evidence to show that it was felled by controlled demolition and thus part of a false flag operation?
I'm so pleased you, viduur, have refrained from personal attacks. Nevertheless I hope I can show you how you are still unfair. My comments in no way defend bin Laden. You ignore so much of what I have posted. Maybe you just didn't see it.

It's not that there are not Muslim terrorists in the world. It is that western sponsorship of such activity implies a seeker of truth must address this evidence. I noted that gagged former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds has testified bin Laden was in US employ up to 9/11. Please address this.

The primary perpetrator of evil in the world today can be characterized just as was characterized in Gandhi's day. It is imperialism.

The evidence indicates that the WAT is a lie, even if the soldiers in the war are unaware of this. Need I describe the threats to civil liberties in the US, like the Patriot Act?

Are you unwilling to consider that government institute false flag operations? Nero burned Rome and blamed it on the Christians. Hitler burned the Reichstag and blamed it on the communists. I will cite more if you wish.

I have read no responses to my posts which address the evidence from Why isn't the symmetrical collapse of a 47 story steel and concrete skyscraper which wasn't hit by a plane sufficient to make that case?


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