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No body in India cares for Gandhi thoughts. After Independence in India political power came in the ruling stage and they forget the two weapon of Gandhiji, that is Truth and Non violence. we all should do something for the dying thoughts of Gandhiji.Any thoughts has no value until it's implement.

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Dear Jago:

As an Argentine, I am impressed as a people have managed to live and achieve independence from non-violence proposed by Gandhi. It is an undeniable fact that people with Gandhi was able to. This also shows that in the deep bottom of the village lies the spirit of Gandhi. The difference is that is no longer physically present. This immediately saw the separation of Pakistan and India. Today they have two weapons that can threaten all humanity. But both the Indian people could live nonviolence, and mine that had almost no wars, no. I admire what people could do, although I clearly see their faults and shortcomings. I have the same hope that Gandhi had the heart of human nature, even in the worst of the two world wars of the twentieth century, although clear to me that we can destroy us as a world, because that's also what we have inside us. If so I hope to die standing, having worked for peace, nonviolence and justice, because I and many others, including you, will be called children of God.

Julio Daniel Nardini
Mr.Julio you are right, faults and shortcomings may be responsible but in long term the said Gandhi wadis never turn up in time and now world go so fast that no body counts by peace formula.
When you say'nobody' you are wrong, my friend... i know many in India who care and practice. May be they are not many compared to the total mass of indians, but i assure you they are sincere and devoted.
In Italy we eat bread and to make bread, the italian way, you need a lot of flour and only a pinch of yeast!
You are right, no body means more then 7o%, I am firmly with the thoght of gandhiji but my children are thinking some other way. This is not the comparison with world but with India.
I did not mean to sound 'polemic'.. i just wanted to point out that.. in time when the most think and go one way.. the western style of living, even few that keep on marching on the steps of Gandhi and Vinoba soon will lead the way for all.
The 'west' is like a driver that understands he took the wrong way, a dead-end road.
If he didn't drive too far that way, he could drive back on rear gear.
But as he went too far, he will go on until he finds a space for a U-turn and drive back towards the right way, the way that was missed and lost.
Think of the american system... as a big truk and Obama as its driver. It is not easy for him to find a space for a Uturn, but he already knows that the right way is on the direction of the footprints of Mahatma Gandhi.
Recent afirmations confirm that.. i have seen a blog in this community on this topic.
Be confident that as soon as he'll find the space for the Uturn, even the indians that drove in line behind the US truk will follow, coming 'the right way'.
So be patient and be ready with your compassion to welcome those who would have it hard to admit to have taken the wrong way.
More then six decade pass, we should not wait for some miracle happens but some body from our group should lead and spread message which can translate the life of normal humanbeing
in to simple life like Gandhiji enjoys.


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