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Culture Clash - The intolerant label

This Washinton Times article Culture clash: The intolerant label

has explored various feelings and comments on inter-faith disputes and cross-culture clashes. The article could very well be articulated as:When people begin to share or expose their faith, God and religion, dispute begins. 

Even though the article narrates the ways to maintain true tolerance, it fails to comprehend how a small chat, or even a pep talk that is not motivated to elevate one's faith could turn into a inter-religious conflict. It got worsened when the politicians catch up with that for reasons well known in the history, but not known today.
My experience is that people walk away if we start preaching or dictating our terms of faith and religion. But, not all of them do that. A few hit back!  A few others retaliate with their own's! And, a few more could spread it in foul ways which become a seed for nasty, erupt-able clash that lasts for longer period.
Obama's remarks on Intolerance, India's approach towards tolerance are not so appreciable as it creates a space for more and more intolerance and hate scenes. Media and observers take it palatable at their end as though they do not want to see a vacuum or a gap thus created. 
The author is successful in dealing with the crisis by aptly bringing the "attribute of love" as a resolving consolation. The debate between tolerance and love as a crucial factor in subsiding the hate and intolerance was put in the form of wonderful conversation.
When tolerance says, “You must accept me and approve of what I do,” love responds, “I must do something harder; I will treat you with respect even if your lifestyle or beliefs offend me.”
When tolerance says, “You must agree that all truths are equal,” love responds, “I must do something harder; I will tell you the truth, because I am convinced ‘the truth will set you free’ ” (John 8:32).
When tolerance says, “You must allow me to have my way,” love responds, “I must do something harder; I will plead with you to follow God’s way, even if it makes you mad at me.”
Tolerance seeks to be inoffensive; love takes risks. Tolerance costs nothing; love costs everything
But at the time of superfluous hyping even if one whispers, do these words really a matter for the concerned? At the time of competing ideals launched by public groups, do such values really turn valuable?
Balamurali Balaji
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